10 Basic Office Equipment that You Should Have when Starting a Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 20th July 2020

Setting up an office for your business? Then you need to look into several things before you call it an office set up. While starting a business with a physical office isn’t that easy, it is not that difficult either. Most of the requirements are highly basic yet crucial ones. So, in order to not miss out on any vital things, read out this checklist and arrange the ones you are booting out. 

A room or building cannot alone make an office, you need office equipment such as furniture, software, general office supplies etc. to call it an office. However, the requirements vary with each business. Also, the office equipment varies with your budget. Say, if you want to set up a home office that is occupied by you and a couple of your employees, a tiny office desk with minimum office supplies such as stationery, laptops, internet connection, power backup are actually enough. 

On the other hand, if you are expanding your home office to a leased building or building a new office, you might need a lot of things. However, with a proper plan, clear and crisp checklist anything will go smoothly. Don’t worry if you want a proper office set up but you have a limited budget. You can actually cut down the maximum of the costs by only purchasing the supplies you really need.

So, shall we look into the essential office equipment needed for starting a business? 

10 Basic Office Equipment you Need when Starting a Business

Office Desk & Other Furniture

You need the proper furniture to sit and work comfortably. An office desk, comfy and adjustable chairs for you and your employees are unavoidable office equipment. You might also need a meeting table, a tiny sofa if you expect your clients to visit your place. 

Monitors or Laptops

No matter, which business you are doing. Your organization needs monitors, laptops or computers (if you don’t travel much) for you and your employees to work, store data and take your business to the outside of your building or even country. 

When your system or business needs much work to handle at the same time, it is better to connect a monitor or two to make the job easier. This not only saves time but also you can keep your important work safe and secure in locked folders, which you can check by using NTFS Permissions Analyzer to verify user permission for specific folders of your system.

Additionally, you will need mice, keyboards to work more efficiently even if you go for laptops.


Though telephone connection seems like an old set up, you will actually need this as it provides clarity when communicating with your clients or customers. Smartphones are cool devices that are multifunctional and you need them in order to catch up with the world. Yet, telephones make your communication much clearer and consistent with high signals compared to cell phones. So, if your business needs constant communication with people, then purchase a telephone with advanced options, you will never regret it.

Internet Connection

No business reaches people without the internet these days. The world has gone digital so should you. Get a broadband connection with high-quality cables, a router, a modem and high-speed internet for your office. Ensure you choose a well-known internet service provider who can respond to your tickets within seconds to run your business smoothly. You can’t deny the fact that a minute of interruption in your internet connection can lose you more than you even imagine.

Printer, Scanner, Fax Machine

Though the world became electronic, papers are still in existence and are significant. You need your invoices, confidential documents, business agreements, etc. on papers to secure and store them properly. And you don’t know when your clients can ask you for a scanned copy of something important or send you a business deal through fax. So, you better have a printer, scanner, fax machine, within your office. You can find a good variety of products at Gulf Coast office supplies.

General Office Supplies

If you deal a lot with papers, that too important documents every time, you might need a few things to secure them and store them without any mess. Such things include document holders, filing cabinets, a lamination device, punch and bind systems, staplers, glue and stationery items such as pens, pencils, rulers etc.

After all your office should be appealing for both your employees and clients to get the positive vibes to make the work done much better. So, you need to put some time and little effort to organize things and arrange those things in their places.


It is important to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information of either your customers or clients. However, if you are communicating the sensitive data online there are many software and cloud storage that offer the utmost security. But when you are dealing with them on papers ensure you do lamination and store them in lockers if you want to use them in the future. Else you can tear them and throw away to not land in any legal troubles. It is always safe to use a paper shredder in your office to save your time. But the downside is you also need to find some space to store this garbage till the next day.

Power Backup

Be it your home office or a full-fledged office you need to have power back up to not lose any important information as you don’t work on cloud systems every time. So, it is recommended to get power back up for your office.

Proper Lighting

You might compromise on lighting for your home office but compromising the same for your office where more than two employees work will definitely do you bad. Proper lighting is essential to not only make your office look bright and active but also to make your employees feel active and energized. Moreover, bad lighting can hurt your eyes as you sit there for more than 8 hours a day.


Every business no matter the industry needs a projector in their office. It helps you in training your employees, discussing your ideas with the team and even when proposing a deal with your clients. Moreover, when you prefer PPTs over a whiteboard, it becomes easy for your team to understand, remember, note down and revise to key points whenever they want. Most importantly, they don’t get bored when you call for a meeting. 

Bottom Line

So, these are the 10 basic yet key office equipment you need to have when starting a business. Additional things like proper wall design, notepads, bulletin boards, envelopes, stamps, and office kitchen supplies such as mugs, coffee machines, etc. are also required to make the office and your employees look much organized and motivating. Hope this office checklist will help you set up a workplace without any hassle.

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