10 Benefits of Event Apps for Your Next Conference or Trade Show

by Josh Biggs in Software on 19th March 2022

Whether you’re a teenager or senior citizen, there will be a lot of memorable events that will happen in your life. 

Be it the arrival of a newborn baby or a business conference, you need to throw an unforgettable event. Wait a moment! Do you have enough time to take care of your event? The answer could be NO. Understood! You can’t organize a successful event all alone.

Event planner apps could be your lifesaver. The apps will reduce stress. Your job is to inform your budget and ideas. That’s it! Relax, the event app will bring joy to your life by making the event unforgettable.

If you’re running a business, choosing the best event app can make wanders. As per research, event planning is a time-consuming process and labour-intensive. Many businesses are turning towards event apps for their next conference or trade show. With perfect planning and delivering a successful event, these apps are standing out from the crowd. Keep a note, event apps have the ability to provide a scalable, customized and secured platform for your business events.

There are countless benefits with event apps for your trade show or next conference, let’s have a look

Stay within your budget

This might be your first question. When you’re organizing an event, you need to consider a few factors: company size, location, event scope, etc.  When you’re running on a limited budget, conducting a successful conference can be a nightmare. With event apps, you will be having a clear picture of event-related operations (travel, venue, etc). This way, you can easily stay within your budget. Not less or not more. When you stick to the budget, you can get high returns and save money as well.

Better time management

Yes, you’ve heard it right! With Event apps, you can manage your time with ease. With proper time management, you can hit any event successfully. It’s an open fact that when you’re organizing an event, you might face several complications such as late attendees, bad weather or unexpected issues. With the event app, you can avoid these things.

Personalized agendas

Keeping a track of everything in your event can be a difficult task, everyone needs to agree with it. Thanks to the event app again, it will help your attendees a lot. Attendees can set their individual agendas just by including sessions that they prefer to attend. When the session is helpful for them, they will attend at their preferred time. Ultimately, the event app is saving your attendees time and also improving productivity while conducting events.

Increase efficiency

It’s no surprise that event apps will boost efficiency. An event app is compressed with several attractive features such as listing existing and upcoming events, tracking time that is consumed for every event, event ticketing,  speakers profile, network matching and more.

The event app will keep track of the workflow according to your requirements. As a result, you can improve your efficiency while planning an event. With event apps, several operations have been automated. With event app features, businesses can easily handle their day-to-day activities without any worries.


Conducting surveys will help businesses to deliver an outstanding event experience and upcoming conference as well. Event apps will enable you to conduct surveys before, during and after conferences. It means you can ask a few questions to your attendees during the conference. This can be an excellent way to collect information from your attendees. When you conduct a survey, it will definitely improve your attendee engagement. Also, you can clearly measure the engagement of your attendees before and after the event. With the survey information, you can introduce new strategies to attract your attendees and improve your audience base.

Consolidate your teams 

Coordination plays an important role when it comes to organizing your conference. When there is no proper coordination between stakeholders, your event planner will lead to chaos. With poor coordination, you might even encounter big issues. To avoid such situations, you need to stay connected with your stakeholders, understand their goals and have a look at cost.

Event apps will come into the picture again! Event apps will keep your team members connected under one roof. From a single dashboard, your teams can easily get communicated. Simply put, event apps allows your travel managers, accounting members and logistic staff to stay in touch anywhere at any time. When there is a sudden change, the concerned department will fix it in no time. Also, communication gets improved as the event apps connect to managers, senior associates and other staff around the clock.

Simplify registration

As per analysis, simple registration will impact the attendee’s experience. The registration process is the initial step of an attendee with your business. Make your first move the best move. Make the attendee’s journey easy by providing simplified registration. An easy registration procedure will improve the audience base. With event apps, attendees can easily get themselves registered and book tickets within a few simple steps.

Leverage global payments

With the advancement of e-commerce, everyone around the world is relying on payment channels. Within a few simple clicks, customers can pay for their orders. This same technology was implemented for event apps as well. Attendees can have a look at the current events and process payments instantly. The event applications accept debit cards, credit cards, net banking, etc. Depending on the attendee’s choice, they can process their payments instantly and save their time.

New opportunities

Event applications are an excellent way to drive revenue and increase sponsorship opportunities. The event apps are offering in-app sponsor areas that are providing immense exposure for partners and attendees. Simply put, the event app is providing great opportunities for sponsors to introduce their products and services to attendees. Any special offers, polls or surveys can be conducted through a push notification.

Instant updates

When you launch a product or service, the last-minute changes might look inevitable. There might be a time when you need to switch the speaker. In such situations, you should always keep your participants informed with instant updates. Event apps allow you to update the content instantly. For all your attendees, the event app is your one-stop place to receive the latest information and other event details.

Wrapping up

Be it a startup, small business or large scale enterprise, hosting an event can be overwhelming. Whether it’s a hybrid or in-person event, it needs proper planning, hard work, resources, etc. Event apps are ruling! Businesses are making great use of the best event app for conducting inspiring events or conferences. Hope you understood the benefits of event apps for your next conference or trade show.

Another bonus point for you, the event app helps you to stay more organized. You can store important details about your conference. The information can range from speaker onboarding to venue details. Your attendees can easily find event information without any confusion.

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