10 Brand Building tips With Web Design

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 1st February 2019

Branding plays an essential role in web design and development; Best web design agencies can helps to win the heart of customers. Branding can be evoked with the use of consistent signs like imagery, sounds, logos, and phrases with which people come into contact. With the help of technology, branding becomes more natural, making people more used to your particular product most especially with the help of a logo.

What is branding?

Branding as a concept may sound or look simple at first glance, as many people may don’t realize how deep its idea goes. There is no how a brand can be complete without the use of a logo. A brand is an art that consists of traditional elements such as logo, slogan, symbol or color palette. However, building a website for your brand is essential as it helps people get an excellent first-class impression of your company, your services by visiting your site. Note that website design and branding are complimentary for any business to sound or look standard.

Branding is instrumental as it helps to win the heart of customers and at the same time sustain their loyalty. Let’s look at some top 10 branding tips with web design.

  1. Color: choosing the right color plays a vital role in promoting your business. Color stimulates various emotions and carries with it associations to diverse things and characteristics. For example, everybody knows that red goes with intense feelings. It symbolizes passion, energy, power, and excitement while other colors also have their kind of associations and effects. As you are starting a new business and want to choose a color, do your research and make sure its an attractive color that the public can readily embrace.
  2. Character: the next step after choosing a color is a character. Read meanings to your color If it does possess a good character. What I mean in essence is that customers need to be sure if your brand is fun and down to earth. Ensure you shape the nature of your brand around something that your clients can easily find associating. It is compulsory your brand has a character, incorporating a style into your brand and helping buyers understand what your business has to offer.
  3. Emotion: building a website is not just conforming to the latest designing trends. Emotion means what feelings you want people to have about your business anytime they visit your site. Your precise web design must include emotion, instead of concentrating on the current design trends. Don’t jump around, focus on specific ideas and emotions that your brand should be projecting.
  4. Consistency: consistency matters if you want your brand to remain popular. A brand must be able to move seamlessly with every communication strategy used to reach potential customers and must convey who you are and at the same time communicate your personality and values.
  5. Reusing code visuals: give your website consistent visuals and layout like spreadsheets or images so that your site can load faster allowing you to reuse more of your content, so that users will not necessarily need to download too many things like old images. If you don’t understand what we are trying to explain you can choose to visit Apple’s website, you will see that Apple integrates its logo with its navigation bar thereby infusing their brand logo into the page’s design.
  6. Size and logo’s position: every website puts their logo at the upper left area of their webpage. Everybody is used to that corner as they know all web logos are there. The position of the logo not only matters but the size as well, its best to link your logo to your site’s homepage. While designing your logo, try to make it big so it becomes something people will first or easily see anytime they choose to visit your site.
  7. Value proposition: when visitors visit your site different thoughts erupts their minds. Within them, they continue to ask themselves if they are on the right site, they will ask themselves If it has an exciting environment and so on. In other to make yourself clear to them, provide a clear and concise value propositions to them. Make your value proposition a short statement locatable in a prominent location on your page. Explain what visitors stand to gain from your site, so they will have enough information about what you do and why they should keep coming back.
  8. A tone of voice: your website language needs to reinforce your brand’s character and personality. If you have a friendly and down to earth brand, and your audience happens to be young people, the informal and fun tone of your voice will work well for you here. But in incases you are setting up an investment website, the tone you are using must have a formal sound. The tone of voice is not only about what you say it’s about how you say it.
  9. Uniqueness: if you have applied all we have explained above, there is another significant thing you have to consider when building your brand. Its nothing but uniqueness, uniqueness makes your site look memorable and helps potential customers differentiate between your site and all other competing sites. One of the ways your website can be unique is if you come up with unique images that will help you stand a better chance that will make your visitors come back for more.
  10. Neatness: when you have a neat website, and the brand thing looks so attractive to clients. When visitors see your brand looking smart and straightforward, they find it easy to read through and comprehend the information on your site.


The moment you begin to think that branding is basically for large corporations, then you are missing out. Every business organizations deserve to brand their businesses, it goes a long way in making customers easily differentiate between competitors and quickly judge equality. Best web design agencies that helps both big and small corporations get good branding designs for their businesses, and they welcome all applicants who want their services to assist them in getting started with their career.

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