10 Essential Email Marketing Tips for Marketing Automation

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 9th December 2020

In today’s digitized and crowded market, your competitors are just a campaign away from stealing your leads. In the same, way your customers are a click away from your competitors. 

To keep customers and grow the customer base, it is crucial to nurture relationships with your customers. This brings you effective long-lasting results you would cherish. However, enhancing customer relationships is not that simple, you will have to put a lot of effort, time and money. But fortunately, automation has come into the picture. You need not sweat building relationships with your customers anymore. You can use automation to boost your customer experience, your relationship with them and your conversions.

Although automation eliminates stress and saves time, you will have to put some innovation, and creativity into it. While email marketing is one of the effective marketing strategies which the majority of marketers and also customers prefer, it would reap more benefits when automated.

Automation does not just save you a lot of time or eliminate stress but it also provides a variety of benefits that directly and indirectly boost your ROI.

10 Email Marketing Tips for Marketing Automation

Segment your Subscribers

Not all your subscribers are the same and hence they don’t need the same newsletters from you. Agreed, you can’t prepare a thousand different newsletters which is a time-consuming process and also a bad idea. But you can segment your list into a couple of groups based on their interest, demographics, gender, age etc.

Segmentation is the first step in your email marketing campaign and you can do that easily with the help of your email marketing software. Segmenting your email list according to your campaign goals helps you in sending personalized emails and keeps you out of spam folders.

Get Pre-Designed Templates

Impressing users requires great effort and time. So, you can’t complain about creating designs for templates which is both effort and time-taking. But if you are creating designs right before sending emails, you are simply wasting a lot of time.

The right email marketing tool can help you save time and effort with a lot of pre-designed custom templates. So, you can simply add text, or change images, preview and click “send”. This way you save a lot of time to invest in other marketing campaigns.

Personalize Every Component

Your subscribers receive hundreds of emails every day and they read only a few that look interesting among them. But it is not that easy to captivate a reader’s interest and get opened – your newsletter should appear as if it is personally sent to the reader to share something important. For this, your subject line, introduction, message or offer should be personalized and captivating. A short, precise and creative subject line prompts subscribers to open the email, but engaging them with the message inside is a bit tough. This is why personalization is important.

Although the personalizing concept looks tricky, it can be done quite easily through automation. All you need to do is collect and sort relevant customer data and provide it to your email marketing tool so that it creates custom shortcodes. Finally, you can use them to send fully personalized emails with recommended products, informative content answering their questions or discounts to their favorite products. 

Only the top-rated and best email marketing tools can provide you with such features, so choose one wisely that offers solutions to everything you want and nothing you don’t. As choosing the wrong tool costs you a lot, read complete and unbiased email tool reviews at EmailToolReviews.com before you invest your money.

Collect, Analyze & Use the Data Wisely

Having said that, collecting the data is important but analyzing it and using it wisely is more crucial. Gather useful information such as phone number, date of birth, preferences, demographics along with email address when users sign up. You can even ask for their preferences to serve them better. 

Thus, you can have a bunch of reusable data to support your campaigns strategically. Some good email tools can auto collect the data and sort it with the help of cookies.

When you have a useful set of subscriber’s data you cannot only create personalized emails but also grow more relationships with them by sending birthday emails and “get back to cart”. This evokes an emotional connection in your subscribers and helps you achieve a great return on investment.

Create Engaging & Useful Content

Content is the king in any kind of marketing. The engaging and informative your words or messages are, the more leads you generate. So, not only your subject line but every word in your message needs to be impressive and engaging. After all, you should put only less text in your email, in case it demands more, give a link.

Craft content in a way that is pleasing, interactive and shows urgency so that your people take action immediately. But beware to skip using spam words like free, click here, now etc.

Provide Facebook, Instagram and Twitter share buttons at the end and let your subscribers continue talking about your message on different platforms with their friends.

Provide CTA in Every Email

Most marketers ignore placing a call-to-action button in their newsletters and leave a lot of money on the table.

Make your email look so interactive and productive by providing a related CTA button. So that if subscribers love to know more or shop or finish a purchase, they click on it. You can know the status of the shopper from your online store or using some softwares and send emails accordingly with a CTA button in it.

A/B or Split Testing

Testing is the secret to successful campaigns. As mentioned subscribers are different. In the same way each brand is different from the other and hence there is no specific success formula except testing.

Once in a while, conduct split testing AKA A/B testing, meaning testing two versions to finalize one. This can be mostly performed for the subject line as you can find out which works better and opens more – emojis, or plain text or personalized text.

You can also conduct A/B testing to see if graphics, animations work for your campaign as most users opt for an option that removes additional images. In case you suspect that your images are displayed or clicked, then you should probably go for plain text.

Analyze Campaign Performance

Although you use automation for email marketing, it doesn’t mean you should set it and forget. It’s highly important to track and analyze your campaign performance regularly as there will be huge room for improvement always. Moreover, everytime you analyze, you will discover amazing insights and opportunities for your next successful campaigns.

With proper tracking and analysis, you will discover what to send, the right time to send emails, which type of emails have a high open rate and why. You can further measure clicks, website traffic with web analytics, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate etc. Finally, you can plan strategies that bring better results.

Be Ready with Auto-Responses

As already mentioned, follow up or personalized emails generate more leads and bring huge ROI. Moreover, sending such emails is not any stressful as you can automate them. Have a list of pre-designed and customized templates for follow-up emails and schedule the auto-responses at different times such one-hour after leaving the cart, reminder after 24 hours etc.

You can also set welcome emails, as auto-response for subscribing, people will actually wait for them.

Re-engage & Re-Touch Cold Leads

It hurts when your subscribers aren’t opening your emails for a long time, right? You can make them friends again. Re-engage them by sending a break-up email so that you can re-activate if there is a response. Else, you should simply remove them from your list even if it hurts.

You can also come up with innovative tactics to nudge your cold leads who were once hard to convert. You can offer exclusive deals, early access or free shipping for them to convert now.

Bottom Line

So, as you see above, there are multiple ways to boost your sales and revenue by just nurturing your relationship with customers. And email marketing automation is one of the best ways to grow your customer-base and keep them. But the only thing is none of the one tip mentioned can get you benefits, it requires you to use the tips collectively and smartly so that you can send what exactly your subscribers want to see and gain profits for your business.

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