10 Essential Project Management Skills to look for in a Job Seeker

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 14th January 2021

Apart from the job description qualification, every company looks for the adaptability of the job seeker to the working environment.

For instance, handling the best project management software is a significant part of any company’s role.

In addition to that, what are those skills you look for in sustaining a project manager for your company?

In this article, we have emphasized the top 6 project management skills to be the ideal candidate.

  • Task Management

As a project manager, you need to understand the unique skills of your employees. This enables you to allocate tasks to them. 

Many projects fail majorly because the tasks are designated to the wrong person.

Often, companies provide tasks based on the work and not according to the talent of their employees. This, in turn, affects the output quality.

So, delegate the tasks by talent. You can use the best project management software to understand your employees’ skills through feedback and questionnaires.

  • Communicating Abilities

Communication is the first hat you wear as a project manager. It isn’t the person who emails unanswered for a longer time or speaks irrelevantly. 

Many companies have managers and employees with communication issues who often come up with excuses for not completing the task on time.

Handling all these situations should be the work of a project manager, too, with effective communication. To manage the clients’ project,  look for a person who people listen to? 

  • Risk Prediction and Management

An ideal project manager forecasts any financial risks in the future and comes up with an optimized solution.

For example, Implementing an Agile project methodology for the first time might cause exceeding the budget or time or even both. While planning the project in project management software, it is vital to risk analyzing all the worst possibilities. 

It may not be a financial risk in most cases, as most project managers have the responsibility to complete within the deadline.

So, ask for the risk management strategies your job candidate has incorporated? Does that work successfully? Even you can test them by putting forth real-time situations and ask for their response.

  • Interpersonal Relationship

It is an underrated yet significant-quality every project manager should possess. 

Dealing with people, whether it is their team members or the external professionals, a project manager is a primary contact source.

So, even if two team employees have two diverse opinions, a project manager should have the final say.

At the same time, they need to establish a cordial interpersonal relationship among the team members.

  • Scheduling & Meeting 

Scheduling is way more than task management. From scheduling the billing to planning the meeting, project managers have a lot of tasks to do.

Even though project management software guides them a little, a project manager must ensure that their team delivers the work on time.

Not only scheduling a meeting, but also a project manager should grab the team members’ attention, answer their questions, and more importantly, ensure control over the work from others.

  • Negotiation

Sometimes, things get rough. Maybe the client is asking for more than you have discussed with them in the final meeting; perhaps your design team is delaying the output.

Whatever might be the problem is, a project manager should negotiate to get what the work needs. It is a part of the leadership quality.

While hiring a project manager, test them with crisis kind of situation and their solutions to it. This answer will help you to identify the right fit for your company.


A project manager may or may not symbolize all of these characteristics. AS no human is perfect, you need to decide which of these qualities is non-negotiable for you? Consider those qualities as mandatory skills, and then look for the ideal fit for your company.

If your job seeker has more than these qualities, then that’s great!

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