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10 financial skills that still count on your career path

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 23rd May 2020

Are you struggling to advance in your career even with decades of experience under the belt? Worry no more, as the secret to a high-flying career in Finance, is out of the box. Take a look at the following list of skills that can make sure you reach your destination!

  1. Accountancy skills

    A formal accounting qualification is required for almost any financial career path. In some financial industries, sparkling talent combined with real-world accounting experience is enough to land your dream job.

  2. Interpersonal skills

    The days that a career in finance involves simple crunching of numbers are gone. This has been replaced by the reality that finance positions require workers to deal with clients each day and retain the potential bunch. Now, accounting and finance professionals are expected to possess the ability to build successful relationships with customers.
  3. Communication skills

    For aspiring accounting and finance workers, the ability to communicate effectively through writing or vocal is a must. Companies nowadays are preferring candidates who can make complex industry language legible to clients over those who simply regurgitate what they’ve learned in colleges.

  4. Financial reporting ability

    Financial reporting skills are a pre-requisite particularly within the forecasting division within the financial sector. Financial candidates looking for a competitive edge must ensure they can demonstrate a high aptitude for financial reporting during interviews.

  5. Lateral thinking ability

    Also known as analytical thinking, refers to the ability to analyse scenarios, and draw suitable conclusions. Candidates looking for a successful career in finance must demonstrate their ability to perform analysis to get a better chance at getting hired.

  6. Problem-solving skill

    This skill can allow you to address the financial implications of a complicated business structure. Additionally, also needed to develop personalised solutions for clients’ tax dilemma.
  7. IT software knowledge

    The increased focus on digitisation and automation has led to more employers hiring financial professionals with the right IT skills to leverage innovative financial systems.

  8. Managerial experience

    Management experience although not essential but is highly desirable for employers looking to hire a financial professional for a senior role.Proven ability to manage teams during your career can enable you to excel in a leadership position in the future.

  9. Business acumen

    Possessing a commercial is important for financial professionals to understand the connection between a company’s fiscal behaviour and the current marketplace demands.

  10. Innovative capability

    Capacity for innovation is yet another important quality that can enable you to showcase accelerated productivity with purpose.

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