10 Reasons To Choose Ruby On Rails For Startup Web Development

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 19th February 2020

There is no doubt that there are plenty of programming languages to choose for your business. But wondering why startups are behind just Ruby on Rails? This article clears you with every doubt you have on Ruby on Rails. 

Did you know what Ruby on Rails is? Here it is!!! Ruby on Rails is a popular open-source web application framework built with the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails, simply RoR is similar to other programming languages like Java, Python, Perl etc. And the numerous advantages with RoR over other programming languages make startups run behind the RoR to kick start their businesses. 

Check out some top businesses that gained huge benefits with Ruby on Rail.

  • Airbnb
  • Shopify
  • Basecamp
  • GitHub
  • Groupon
  • Slideshare
  • Yellow Pages
  • Crunchbase

These are a few examples of websites using RoR. Hope you understand that RoR helps you build amazing websites in any niche. Now, let’s get clear why only RoR for web development of your startups. As already said, there are multiple pleasing reasons why most businesses are choosing and continuing to use Ruby on Rails, the open-source framework. Here are 10 reasons to choose Ruby on Rails for startup web development. Check them out!!!

  • It’s Free

The main constraint involved in starting a business is the budget. Using Ruby on Rails for startups is cost-effective as it is an open-source platform operating under MIT open source license. This means you do not need to purchase the software, you can simply install it. 

People often doubt that free software has a lot of disadvantages like lack of guides, support or documentation. But RoR passes this test, there are a huge number of libraries, plugins and tutorials etc. so that you get enough support and information about it. Therefore, choosing RoR saves you from hurting your pockets.

  • Easy to use

The common problem with most programming languages is the complexity to understand. But RoR is an exemption for this. Ruby on Rails is known for its simplicity. The language is understandable as it has simple syntaxes. Hence you saved effort, cost and time to learn the language. For example, you do not need to worry if someone who wrote the code is not with your company. As the program is in a simple format, anybody can make necessary changes to it in future, if needed. In case you want to switch your current application to RoR, you can do it with minimal effort.

It even becomes easy to develop a new product with RoR compared to other programming languages due to its understandability.

  • Saves Time

When you develop your application using RoR, you are almost a step ahead than your competitors. Ruby on Rails due to its easy to use feature gives the faster development. Not just the code is easier to understand but the ready-to-use templates, libraries, modules etc. saves a lot of time for your team. So you need not start from scratch. As the competition is fierce in the market speed is the key factor to outrank your peers.

  • Acceptable Changes

The Ruby on Rails is quite stable and anticipated. Though you see some updates, they are acceptable. Hence you need not worry about the unexpected updates that generally happen with other programming languages. As discussed the code is easy to understand, it is easy to modify. Therefore your startup is not going to end up ruined with the latest updates.

  • Scalable

What if the application you built remains inefficient after some days due to its unscalability. In case you gain huge popularity and huge traffic, you should be always ready to adapt to handle it accordingly. Hence your framework needs to be scalable. With the growing competition, you need to be updated with every feature to sustain in the same position. 

Most of the popular startups use RoR – one strong reason is scalability. 

  • Known for its great quality

Quality acts as the main factor that brings trusted customers to any business. The more errors or more bugs or more low-quality content in your business, the higher is the chance to derank. Hence choosing the high-quality web application for your business is important. Ruby on Rails promises an error-free development so that none of your customers bounces back because of bugs in your website.

  • Support

You won’t believe that Ruby on Rails provides you with enough support similar to other premium programming languages. There is a vast pool of developers and companies that offer you with any information you need. Any of ruby on rails developers can serve you with RoR web development.

Thus you not only can get abundant support from the team but also rely on other companies to boost your startup.

  • Many plugins

Though RoR is an open-source platform, it is no less than other languages. It has plenty of libraries, add-ons, modules that simplify the process of application development. Hence you are not building the process from the start. As the already built templates, libraries are available to simply embed in your application, you, therefore, save a huge time and effort again.

  • Secured open-source framework

Once again, in spite of the open-source framework, Ruby on Rails is known for its security. At initial stages, RoR is integrated with high-security features. 

Remember no software is completely secured. Not to worry! There are many companies that have effective solutions to deal with security issues.

  • It’s clean and clear

It is expected that you might encounter with few errors later anytime in future though you build a successful application. But that doesn’t happen with RoR. Ruby on Rails has clear coding, your team need not struggle to learn and code. So you need not spare your time to understand and fix issues in codes, due to its simplicity.

Summing up

Thus Ruby on Rails is a free, secure, scalable, error-free, and time-saving open-source platform. RoR is ideal for e-commerce startups, social media platforms, and other businesses in almost any niche. Since the advantages of RoR are high, there are many outstanding benefits for startup web development. Hope you get a clear idea of why choosing Ruby on Rails for your startups, and not any other programming language.

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