10 reasons to use a recruitment agency

by Josh Biggs in Business, Tips on 22nd January 2020

Recruiting candidates is a tough job to do. These days with so many candidates applying for a particular job. The HR team has to sit down for hours to verify the documents, get a hold of all the eligible candidates, screen them and shortlist their applications. How would a team of two to three sit down for this process and how long would it take them to come down with the final list? Well, that would take a lot of time and effort as we know a single error could cost a lot to the organization as well as the candidate’s future might get affected with the same. The recruitment agency is the saviors who are responsible for the smooth running of the recruitment process. MNCs usually are associated with the recruitment agencies who help with the initial recruitment process of shortlisting the candidates according to the requirement of the company. In case of any vacancy, the company relies on the agencies who visit the online job portals, references, campus placements to shortlist the candidates as per the requirement list already provided by the company, for example, eligibility, age limit, qualification and additional courses for a particular term.

Companies have multiple requirements which maybe for the short term or long term depending on the work required. Such cases are termed as contract placement which can be converted to a permanent job if the candidates are exceptional in their job. Let’s talk about one of the best recruitment agency who has made their mark on the global platform, M&A executive search which is a global recruiting and consulting agency. Some of the reasons behind the success of M&A search are as follows :

In-depth experience

This agency is owned independently and has a better idea about the new technologies, upcoming market strategies, candidates from various fields who depend on the firm for their future job aspects. They understand the company’s needs and select the best candidates for the company.

Availability of resources

They have access to the best portals with all the experienced candidates having experience from the best companies around the world. Such resources are helpful in the upliftment of any corporate sector with the best profiles in hand. A deep understanding of hiring is the major factor to find a suitable candidate for the vacancy provided.

Quality not Quantity

Quality has been decreasing in the new generation as there are a lot of candidates who are unemployed in the market as well as many people taking up the entrepreneurial field these days. The quality of the profiles selected is not keeping up to the mark. There has to be a proper background and CRB checks of all the suitable candidates, available at crbdirect.org.uk, with appropriate screening and analysis to refine the profiles and find the best match. Therefore we have, M&A executive search making our lives easy to get the best quality among the lot.


Time is precious for everybody. MNCs have a tough time when it comes to recruiting people for a vacancy. Each department vacancy has to be filled within a given time to continue the functioning of the company. In such situations when it will take forever for the company to sit and finalize the profiles, they take the help of agencies who find the profiles on behalf of the companies faster and save time.


Cost is the most important factor that every company plans to cut for better profit. The recruitment process takes a lot of effort as well as pinches the pocket as the access to the portals requires a certain amount of cost which has to be renewed after the duration is over. Therefore the recruitment agency tie-up with the companies and they handle the portals., which saves a lot of time, money and the company can focus on their smooth functioning rather than investing their time in searching candidates.

Selection to Final interview

The whole process of selecting a candidate until they are on board. A recruitment agency takes responsibility for this thoroughly. They select a candidate, interview them, verify their documents then forward them for the final interview to the company’s HR team and if he/she is selected they take care of the joining process.

Right fit for the business culture

Business culture varies from one organization to another, therefore, candidates have to be analyzed beforehand if they can fit in a particular organization and their work culture. Each candidate has their preferences and they may or may not work along well with a certain work environment which could cost the company’s time. To avoid such situations agencies check the candidates if they would be a good match for the requirement.

All departments included

A recruitment agency provides candidates for all the departments. They select candidates according to the vacancy for each department such as Finance, marketing HR, etc. All the fields are taken care of by the agencies.

Salary Negotiation

Salary is the most important factor for every candidate. The right amount for the right candidate is also an important task for the agency as all the candidates are not the same and the company also has a given package for every vacancy posted. Agencies have to check the value of the money and the quality of the candidate and hence negotiate a salary that would benefit both the company and the candidate.

Wider outsourcing reach

Reach of the agencies is much higher than that of the companies. Agencies work for a lot of companies and have a wide range of candidates according to the experience and various sectors. Ex-employees, of some of the best companies who would want a job switch, might engage with the openings of other companies that the agencies decide. Therefore it is better to choose among the best.


Recruitment Agencies are trusted by corporate sectors for a fast and effective way to fill the vacancy with the appropriate profile and the best-suited candidate for the job. They make it easy with less cost and save a lot of time for the company. Agency verifies the documents and fixes a package for the candidate beforehand and helps them in the joining process after the candidates are selected by the company for the vacancy.

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