10 Tips to save money on web hosting

by Josh Biggs in Tech, Tips on 9th July 2021

Millions of businesses are stepping towards digital, every day thousands of new websites are found online. Having a user-friendly and effective website is important to help you to generate better organic traffic and revenue. However few people fail to set up their website on the internet due to poor user experience, slow loading pages and bad functionality. Having powerful web hosting does matter.

If you’re looking to start an online business, web hosting is your initial investment. Move the coins smartly right from the beginning. Hosting your website on a genuine web host can be expensive. Moreover, when you’re starting an online business, you need to save every single penny. It’s no surprise purchasing and handling the overall expenses of a trustworthy web host can be a burden.

Take a deep breath, here are some hand-picked tips to help you save a few bucks on web hosting. Luckily, you don’t need to compromise on the website quality.

Use a free host

If you’re a newbie to the online business world, using free web hosting is the best way to save money. There are hundreds of web hosting services available for free. Spend time researching trustworthy web hosting services to save a few dollars. There will be free space allocated on the server, people from all over the world can access your website. Few web hosting companies offer basic services, especially for beginners.

Use coupons or promo codes

Promo codes or coupon codes are the life-saver for the ones who are running on a low budget while planning to buy a web hosting service. Most web hosting companies are offering excellent discounts on subscription plans, especially to new users. Using a promotional code at the checkout helps you get a discount. Keep an eye on coupon codes, if you’re fortunate, you can get a 75% discount coupon code.

Dropping unnecessary services

Popular web hosting companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator and Dreamhost offer excellent services to their customers. Unfortunately, there are few unnecessary services in the subscriptions plan. It includes Microsoft office email, advanced support, customized environment, SEO, data backup and more. Website owners need to pay for these services also. If you don’t need such services, start excluding them from your subscription plan. Contact their customer service and make the right choice by picking the required services.

Choose shared hosting

If you’re a beginner, you might be confused while choosing the web hosting type, as there are several types of web hosting available on the internet. It includes Shared, Virtual, Dedicated, Managed, Cloud and more. Among all the web hosting options, Shared web hosting is a better option for you. It is the popular web hosting option where a single server hosts several websites. Multiple users get access to resources on the server, this will help to keep the price cheaper. Shared hosting is the perfect option for small websites that don’t need high bandwidth or advanced functionalities.

Buy web hosting for longer period

Reliable and trustworthy web hosting will keep websites and blogs up and running. These websites offer weekly, monthly and yearly plans. Choosing a subscription plan for a longer period will save you money. It means you can get the best value for your money on longer subscription web hosting plans. Visit Digitalsupermarket to compare the web hosting plan and select the best to save money. 

Become an Affiliate

Most people start websites or blogs to earn money. Among all the options, affiliate marketing is one of the safest options to make money. There are tons of web hosting affiliate programs available online. Get yourself registered as an affiliate partner. Then start promoting a web hosting service to your followers or visitors and earn money. Also, you can refer your favourite web hosting service to your friends or colleagues to purchase through unique affiliate links.

Wait for limited-time offer

A limited-time deal is a popular kind of discount or special offer for the customer to get when they place an order from web hosting during a particular period. Most web hosting companies provide limited-period discount sales often to get more customers to purchase their services. You can get a 50% to 80% discount. Also, you can get an additional discount by joining their newsletter.

Use referral bonus

It’s no surprise that every web hosting company offers referral bonuses to their customers. Website owners share the word or refer their favourite web hosting service to their friends, clients and dear ones using a referral link. Some people use social media platforms to refer more people to a web host. This is the best way to save money on web hosting. Also, your referred one will also save money by getting a discount on their first subscription. 

Buying domain name

A domain name is crucial for any business. Having a unique domain name from lot of domains will make you stand out from the competition. While building a website, you can find the option called “free domain”, or buy good domains take advantage of it and save money. The free domain name period can range from 6 months to 1 year.

Request for discount

It’s a universal fact that web hosting subscription plans and renewals are pretty expensive. Switching to another web host just to save a few bucks can be a bad idea. In such a case, you can connect to their customer support team and ask for a discount on the subscription plan. Customers are the top priority for any business, approach the team and request a discount on your plan. This could be probably the best solution to save money.

Use credit card cashback scheme

Do you have a credit card? Yes!!! Call yourself lucky because you can get cashback on your credit card. Website owners use the Platinum cards to get around 5% cashback. Also, you can get upto 40% discount if you have the card from the bank they are partnering with.

Wrapping up

Hope the above-mentioned tips will save you an amount on your hosting bill. Also, make sure that the money-saving options you choose don’t affect the website performance.

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