10 Tips to Speed up an Older Laptop

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 28th March 2019

Got frustrated of your slow performing old laptop? Are you thinking to go for a new one? Wait, think what kind of changes can be done to boost your laptop? Well, everything has its own importance. Just because it’s getting older you can’t trash it.

Try renewing it and give it a brand new fast performance and a fresh look. If you aren’t a pro in it, you may take help of computer proficients via https://www.geekspro.com.au. Whether it is a newly bought or the existing one, the system automatically gets slow after a few uses.  Whether it is a window or mac, the problem is the same.

As the hardware gets faster so do your software will. With the software update, you will be surprised by your system functioning. You will see how fast it works.

Make sure to update your operating system when you get an update notification. These updates can improve the system working. As time passes after repeated use and installing you will find that the system gets as slow as a tortoise. Installing a bunch of new apps and especially syncing your device to a third party application can affect the performance of your laptop.

But, at times the slow running laptop can drain out all the patience making feel irritated. Instead of purchasing a new laptop, try out these to speed up your laptop like a hare by choosing a faster 17 inch laptop.

Here are the 10 Tips to speed up an older laptop

  1. Cut the crap

Check for the stacked unused apps and files on your laptop. Make a list of what you need the most and uninstall the apps that you barely use. Just right click and uninstall the apps or software that are unnecessary These used apps eat up all the apps. Free up space for enhanced processing of your system. Sieve all the files for the piled up junk.  

The preinstalled apps are another issue for new laptops. Check for the recently installed apps and check if any apps that you’ve stopped using or the apps that you didn’t know you have installed. To get rid of the large files, sort the apps by size check for the apps that have occupied the highest space. For the non-store bought apps, open control panel and have a look at the old apps. This a great way to free up all the space you need.

  1. Uncheck unnecessary animies

Do you use fancy animated options to give your system an aesthetic look? It’s okay to make things look good. If you think your system has got low because of these, then you can switch them at any time.

You can do this by

  • Search for the option “Adjust the appearance and performance of windows”
  • Click on the options and untick everything
  • Click Ok and there you go check the performance of your system

Feel the 90’s look of the windows without any animations.

  1. Disable startup programmes

Systems are sometimes inbuilt with the programs that start automatically when the laptop is switched on. And even some software developers preferably set some programs to start automatically. Startup apps will bring back to you where you left. It’s good to have the important programs as a startup application but those rarely used apps may drain out your system and slows down the processing.

Want to know what are the apps that run automatically? Use Autoruns which is a free tool which allows you to know the apps that start automatically.

  1. Use CCleaner

CCleaner is like a shield of your system. It is the first you need use when your system is in that irritated mode. CCleaner is a file scanner that will sieve all your old files, web history, caches, unused files, the files that are occupying a lot of space in your system. CCleaner is one of the trust worth applications to thoroughly search your hard drive and deletes the files with your permission. CCleaner will also search for other issues that are slowing down the processes in your system.

5.Upgrade your RAM

Upgrading your RAM is required to enhance the performance of your system. It improves the speed of the system. It temporarily stores all your files. For the speed compliance and the extended storage, you can fix the ram with high GB, if your RAM is of 2GB you can additionally add another 2GB and it up to 3GB for a 32- bit version.

  1. Use an SSD card

SSD (Solid state drive) can be used to improve both the read and write speed. SSD’s can make your old laptops look younger. Do you want to extend the storage of your laptop? SSD can be the best option. If you aren’t willing to delete any of the files yet still having a problem with the laptop they can be your saviour. Don’t compromise on money because SSD’s can cost you as the cost changes with the GB.

You can transfer all your old files to a new SSD from your existing windows installation.

  1. Use ReadyBoost

Ready boost is a windows XP or windows vista feature. It is stored with a flash drive. Ready boost improves the performance of your system. It uses the flash drive extra memory to store caches and assistance which respond very quickly increase the speed of the reading access.

Steps to use ReadyBoost

  • Firstly, insert a USB memory drive to a slot in your laptop that which you want to boost
  • A dialogue box appears, choose the option Speedup my system
  • A window pops asking you the amount of storage on the flash pen
  • Confirm the setting
  • The drive automatically detects and runs
  • If your windows are optimized, the ready boost will automatically shut down.

ReadyBoost is one of the easiest and convenient ways to boost your system.

  1. Change the appearance and clean your laptop

Give a million dollars look to your laptop. Renovate it and give a beautiful to customize your laptop with the StickerYou giving it a brand new and sassy look. Make sure to clean your laptop because the excess dust transforms to overheat. This makes your drives to work even harder for the processing.

  1. Change the power settings

Yes, change the power setting to elevate the performance and increase the speed of your system. Well, it eats your electricity to some extent but it can improve your system’s computing speed.

Steps to change power settings

  • Go to control panel
  • Choose system and security
  • Head to power settings
  • Click on the drop-down arrow and choose to show additional plans
  • Then finally choose high  
  1. Check for any spyware and malware

You can use the services or use any other services to spy on the spyware. There are also free anti-malware and anti-spyware to check for any virus in your system. Use an ongoing continuous anti-malware to keep a check to all the problems of your device.

Before purchasing a new laptop try adopting these tips. These can surely give your laptop a super duper look as well the improved processing. Another thing that can greatly improve your gaming performance is getting a great external graphics card. There’s no wrong in trying. Just give it a try.

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