10 ultimate Tips For an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing, Marketing on 16th December 2018

Every business organizations need to make their business or products well known to the general public, one of the best ways to do that is by email marketing (email marketing is also known as eblast). There is no business that do not make use of email marketing strategy, those that do not take it serious falls under the categories of people who do not deserve to get a positive results when they don’t do it which mostly happen as a result of their own shortcomings. Sometimes business owners that failed in the use of email marketing only need few tips to increase the volume of their emails.

Studies have shown that email marketing is one of the most successful and effective marketing strategies that make businesses grow as it helps generate more sales than social media agents like facebook, twitter, Instagram e.t.c The secret behind this kind of strategy is that for every one dollar spend to blast email you stand a brighter chance of making $40 worth in sales.

Let’s look at ten ultimate and effective tips for email marketing

  1. BUILD YOUR LIST: Building a list is supposed to be your first task as a serious and able ready marketer. How would you build a list? building a list requires that you set up a website that will include a subscription form that will enable people have easy access to your home page, blog and every other page of your site. In this wise, you need an email storage company that can help you collect emails from subscribers. You can as well build your list through other traditional means like providing an option for people to sign up for your newsletter like if you have the opportunity to make a booth at an industry conference. An alternative option is to buy email lists. For political campaigns, you could buy a voter record list and jump straight to work.
  2. MAKE YOUR EMAILS INTERACTIVE: While you blast your emails, don’t forget that each time you want to blast a mail, you should try as much as possible to make it interactive, it should be an email that inspires action and elicit a measurable response.
  3. GET TO KNOW YOUR SUBSCRIBERS: One you have been able to set up a means of collecting emails, you need to take steps to understand your subscribers, how you can advertise your product to them, what they want and how you can improve your relationship with them.You can use Clearbit to help automate this process
  4. ENCOURAGE YOUR SUBSCRIBERS TO REPLY TO YOUR EMAILS: Email marketing brings buyers closer to sellers unlike direct mails. It lets you interact with people interested in your business at least the essence of email marketing is to encourage recipients to respond.
  5. PROVIDE VALUE: All the time, consumers have always expected more from the business they interact with both online and offline. With so many brands available in the market, consumers have always filtered out messages or irrelevant attention grabbers from their day to day responsibilities. If you want to maintain the respect and attention your client’s give to you make sure you are offering something that has value.
  6. KEEP YOUR EMAILS OUT OF SPAM FOLDERS: If your emails are flagged as spam, they will be rendered irrelevant as they will only be found in the spam folders while subscribers don’t regard messages in the spam folders. Make sure your recipients have opted into your emails so you are not wasting your time blasting mails for anything.
  7. MAKE YOUR EMAILS LOOK CLEAN AND CRISPY: Everything you do that gives positive feedback deserves to be well done. Don’t send emails that will make you and your services sound like the old way of relating with buyers in the olden days. If someone opens your mail because of its attractive heading let your introduction and paragraphs be short and precise as some people don’t have so much time to read long articles.
  8. INCLUDE A GOOD CALL TO ACTION WITH INTERESTING LINKS: The main aim of email marketing is to increase the traffic of their sites, no clicks mean no customers, always include striking buttons that will make customers opportunities want to interact. Apply a call to action to attract actions, the more exciting your words are the more your subscribers would want to read your emails.
  9. EASY TO UNSUBSCRIBE: You may be thinking you are not doing yourself any good for allowing it easy for customers to unsubscribe from your email list. If a user wants to opt out from your list and they find it difficult, they will surely flag your emails as spam which can easily lead you to have a future complex problem if they eventually wish to deal with you again.
  10. MEASURE YOUR RESULTS: At the end of every step, you have taken to market your business and reach out to people you need to measure your results. It will help you know your level and how you can improve your services, it will also let you know your mistakes. You should register with an email marketing subscription firm that can give you data analysis of how people respond to your email blast. Your marketing reports will let you know the number of people opening your emails, clicking your links and even sharing your contents.


For every business that wants to thrive, email marketing is not only compulsory but important. With all the useful tips that we have explained above, you will realize you are in the right frame of mind if you can implement all these tips explained above. Ensure you come up with a style and plan of how of how you can communicate with your subscribers effectively, engage them with valuable messages and measure the impact of your efforts so you will know you are on the right track.