10 video editing tips for beginners

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 2nd March 2021

There are thousands of new businesses entering the market every day. However, startups businesses are facing fierce competition from established organizations. Small businesses are struggling harder. They are creating all types of content to survive in a huge competition. The content includes video, infographics, social media posts, email, podcast, presentation and more.

Creating a video should be considered at the top of your list. A person spends more time watching videos on YouTube or Netflix rather than reading a blog. As per the recent analysis, 83% of businesses believe video marketing generates better revenue, boost conversions, build trust, encourage social shares and more. Undoubtedly, video is the latest add-on for your marketing toolbox.  

Considering the huge competition in the market, small businesses need to make their moves smartly. If you’re a beginner in the video marketing world, you need to concentrate on more aspects i.e learning the shortcuts, maintaining appropriate pacing, editing the mistakes and more.

Let’s dive into the topic…

Following are the best video editing tips for beginners

Select the right software

First thing first!!! If you want to streamline your video editing process then you need to invest in the right software. An extraordinary video editing software can make your work simple and easy. There are hundreds of video editing tools available in the market. Among all, Fastreel is one of the excellent video editing software for beginners. The best part of this software is – No installation required. Yes, you can edit videos or use templates directly in your browser through Fastreel handy tools.

Understand and learn the shortcuts

It’s a universal fact that learning the shortcuts will improve productivity and save time. In the beginning, using the shortcut while editing the video can be difficult, you can become a pro when you use it every day. Simply put, understanding and learning the shortcut is an excellent method to streamline your video editing process.

Make backups of your video

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One of the primary things an editor can do for their project is “Making several backups”. If you’re a beginner, make this a habit to save yourself. You don’t need to bother when your system crashes unexpectedly or editing software stops working, with a backup option you can get it back. Professional editors suggest making at least four or five backups for every project. Be sure you’ve saved them in different locations i.e hard drive, USB or SD card. Hence, when a backup in the hard drive gets corrupted, you can find the file on an SD card or USB.

Organize your media

Organizing your media is important while video editing. Beginners often get frustrated when they can’t find the clips or media files. It’s important to organize your media files. This way, you can easily find the media files when you’re editing the video and save time. It’s up to you how you organize the video files, it completely depends on the type of project you’re editing. For example, when you create a new clip, organize it with a proper file name and folder name. The ultimate goal of organizing media is to find things quickly whenever required.

Always take long video clips

Are you the one who shoots and edits the video? Yes!!! This editing tip is just for you. Taking the long video clips can drive better output. It’s no surprise while editing the promotional video clip or information video clip, you need a lot of material. The material helps to place different clips together.

While shooting, make sure you’re rolling the camera before and after 30 seconds of the shoot. This way, you will never miss anything. Also, when you start editing the media clips, you can get everything and you don’t need to worry about chopping the things with unnecessary material.

Don’t overuse special effects

Adding special effects to your video can be an excellent storytelling tool. Generally, video creators use special effects to make their video better. It means video effects can add clarity to the clip, set the mood, etc. Beginners often use special effects again and again in the video clips. But adding too many special effects can be harmful. Overusing special effects like sound, characters and animations can have a negative impact on your video. Hence, it’s crucial to use special effects in the video when it is meaningful. “Less is More” when it comes to special effects.

Make tight cuts

While making the video, you may have heard about the terms such as reel, clips and footage. These are the often popular terms while making the video. Well, there is another term i.e “Cutting”. If you want to increase the level of video quality you need to learn how to make tight cuts? Making the tight cuts are nothing but removing unnecessary fillers or pauses. The editor needs to cut the gap between one dialogue and another. Cuts are needed while editing the video. 

Focus on the speaker’s body language

Pay close attention to the speaker’s body language. But why? While shooting, speakers will reveal their emotions and actions through body language. Also, every speaker will have unique body language. Make the exact match of their body language and tone while editing the video. This will give a natural tempo to your video. The audience will also feel real and intuitive.

Think about the colour

Editing is completely noticeable. Users will notice everything right from special effect to colour. The job of every editor is to get the colour rightly. You don’t need to spend more time colour correcting every clip. It just takes a few minutes to maintain colour consistency from the first clip to the final footage. This will make your video look classier.

Let your edits breathe

Got tired!!! After spending more time working on video editing, beginners can often become tired. Taking a short break will boost their energy and they will return with a relaxed mind and fresh eyes. This will help to make the right editing decisions.

Wrapping up

Video is the most powerful storytelling tool. Use the above-mentioned video editing tips and create promotional, informative and educational videos without any hassles. Creating a satisfying video is important to establish a positive relationship with your brand and customers.

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