12 Real-World Copywriting Tips On How to Write Powerful Article

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 1st March 2021

Good copywriting makes one substantial claim and builds around it, keeping the customer interested till the end. Professional copywriters target removing unnecessary content and present only the necessary facts to make their work look sharp, well-researched, and precise. 

The guide here gives 12 must-follow tips to create the most useful pieces that grab the reader’s attention and convert leads into potential buying customers. 

  1. Use powerful words

As per the writing experts for a professional writing service, most copywriters use powerful words, and the internet has various such lists for bloggers, social marketers, and professional writers. Do your research, get hold of those words, and start using them in the article, avoiding the usual “great, excellent, premium, superior-quality” and other repeat words. 

The power words entail copywriters to form sentences that appeal better to the customers. Bold or italicize certain parts of the sentences using these words to emphasize their importance to the customers. 

  1. Eliminate weak words 

Eliminate the usage of weak words like using too many prepositions and making the sentence tiresome to read. Write in active voice and avoid using “ing,” which makes the sentence monotonous. 

Try to mix and match sentences of different lengths and styles to give the reader a unique reading experience. Avoid filler words like essential, advanced planning, etc.  If you are having a hard time, you can hire an essay writer from Singapore to help you out if constructing an essay is new to you. This can help you avoid common mistakes and sharpen your skills in writing.

  1. Use short sentences 

The attention span of the readers browsing through the blogs is less than one minute. They love short sentences which do not have any extra fringes. Try to communicate the point in a straightforward way instead of using adjectives and unwanted adverbs. 

There is lots of difference between “Buy our amazing, low-cost, brand new, face brightening cream” and “Our all-natural cream brightens your face 4x times quicker.” 

  1. Problem, Solution, Proof 

The right way to present any article is to make a bold claim or start by stating shocking statistical data or an interesting fact. Proceed to state the problem, how the content helps solve the issue and showcasing proof for the rest of the article’s request.

 For example, an article might start with, “46% of garage doors face repairs within two years. The reason for this is the wrong installation, and this article will help you in fixing this issue by___.” The problem, solution, the proof formula is suitable for both long and short articles. 

  1. Use the right tools

Copywriters must use the right tools to make their writing sound better and engaging. Many tools are starting from Grammarly to the Hemmingway app, which helps write better, eliminate long sentences, and adjust the adverbs and passive voice.

There are specific tools to check the usage of weak words and strong words and remove jargon and different terms to make the landing page precise, short, and exciting. 

  1. Personalize content and use examples 

Personalize the content using I, tell an example, and use a personal story to identify with the reader. The person browsing should feel empathy, understand the writer had struggled just like them, and now emerged a winner using a particular product or a solution. 

Using “I” to directly target the customer through their name and requesting them to try a product that solves their problem also helps in most cases. 

  1. Highlight problem solving

The essence of any copywriting is problem-solving. All the other steps are to grab the customer’s attention and keep them engaged. The customer will perform the required call to action or CTA if the content solves their issue and does it cheaper than others or faster than their competitors. Highlight the product’s problem-solving feature in the initial stage and build the entire article around it, giving proof for the claim. 

  1. Showcase figures and facts 

Use charts, colorful and attractive infographics, and short animations featuring profitable figures and facts on the website. Words and pictures can say what a written paragraph fails to convey in a minute. 

Make it a point to use number-based facts or pictures after every two sections to grab the customer’s attention and make them believe in the product. Be precise in using clear facts and present proof for the same.

For example, stating “I earned $2000 in one week through XXX,” and presenting the screenshot of the PayPal page as proof, writing my sales increased by 297% in three months rather than I earn much more now, etc.

  1. Offer freebies

Be it 50% off if the customer buys the product within the next hour or a free e-book, customers love freebies. Copywriters use them effectively to lure customers from quitting in half, skimming through reading by offering promotional offers in the middle and engaging them with real value-added content. They provide a pro-tip or discount on the product to ensure the time they spent reading the article is valuable for the customer.

  1. Redundant clear promise 

The bold claim made about the problem solving should be emphasized once in three paragraphs in pictures, writing, and every other possible way to remind the customer always about the product’s value. 

The redundancy highlighting the problem solving is the primary factor that will make the customer perform the CTA. Copywriters give importance to the remarkable conclusion, which summarizes and highlights the promise made in the first line to kindle the customer to take further action. 

  1. Feature positive testimonials 

The testimonials from the other clients assuring the claim made regarding the problem solving attract many customers to try the same. Huge companies like Amazon state nearly 70% of the customers make their purchase decisions based on other reviews and ratings about the product. 

Featuring the other satisfied customer’s testimonials with highlighted, bold sentences to grab the customer’s attention is the best way to earn their trust. 

  1. Showcase existing clients 

Use the existing client’s logo and list them attractively in the middle showcasing how the top brands are gaining profit using the particular service. Showcasing the current client’s logo will make the new clients believe the company has a vast customer base and fetches more trust. 

The new customers get intrigued subconsciously to add their company logo into the list of the enormous names which kindles them to buy the product. 


Persuasive copywriting will introduce an entirely new concept to the customer, gain their trust and make the customer a follower or a believer within a few minutes. Useful marketing tools and potential time-tested techniques used in professional copywriting are essential for any business to convert interested leaders into buying customers. 

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