12 Useful Tips For Surviving a Cash Crunch

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 29th May 2020

Do you have a low-income job? Were you pushed to spend your paycheck on a financial emergency? Whether expected or unexpected, a cash crunch can make your everyday life difficult. 

If you’re struggling to survive till the next paycheck, we’re sharing useful tips for creating extra financial wiggle room. Take a look.

  1. Track Your Spending

If you don’t follow a budget, there’s no better time than right now to start. Start tracking all your expenses and create a strict but realistic budget. There are several free apps available for budgeting. Mint is one such app that allows easy tracking, budgeting, and planning.

  1. Consider Selling Belongings

Are you unable to put food on the table? Selling your belongings is the easiest way to make some quick cash. Take a look around your house and gather all the things that you no longer need, such as electronics and jewelry. Jewelry can be sold in a local shop. You can even sell iPhone 8 and go back to using your old phone. 

  1. Give Up Frivolous Expenses

Do you frequently spend money on clothes, shoes, or other non-essential items? If you’re struggling to make your paycheck last, take it as a sign for giving up frivolous expenses. Remember, this is temporary. Once you get back on your feet, you can resume your usual lifestyle. 

  1. Quite Expensive Habits

Whether you indulge in smoking or drinking, a cash crush is a perfect time to quit such habits. These habits are not only expensive but also injurious to your health.

  1. Limit Socializing

Going out every Friday night and spending on overpriced drinks isn’t financially wise. For the time being, refrain from going to social gatherings where you’d have to spend. Instead, invite your friends over for a game or movie night.

  1. Cook at Home

Do you order in or dine out for every meal? Even if you have a busy schedule, it would be best to start cooking at home. Start meal-prepping for the week on the weekends and enjoy major savings. And this will also allow you to incorporate nutritious meals into your lifestyle. It’s a win-win!

  1. Buy Generic Brands

In terms of quality, there isn’t a vast difference between generic and brand-name products. But you can save a lot of money by purchasing generic brands.

  1. Look for Free Entertainment

Whether you love going to the movies or live shows, refrain from spending too much on entertainment. You can entertain yourself for free with Youtube and podcasts. Also, you can explore your neighborhood for free art shows and events.

  1. Reduce Fixed Expenses

Electricity, gas, and WiFi are essential amenities. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reduce these bills. Shop around for better deals and switch to cheaper utility plans.

  1. Find a Side Hustle

There are only so many expenses you can cut down. Take up an extra shift at work or find a second job to bring in more disposable income.

  1. Get a Roommate

You can move back in with your parents and sublet your room or consider getting a roommate. By doing this, you’ll save up a lot in terms of rent and utilities. 

  1. Ask for Help

It’s possible that you might require urgent financial assistance. However, rather than taking out a payday loan, ask your family and friends for help. Even if they can’t lend you money, they might be able to help in some other way. If you’re a single parent, you can request them to babysit your children while you work an extra shift, or they might be willing to let you move in with them.

At present, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But taking immediate action and keeping a positive mindset will speed up your financial recovery. We hope the aforementioned tips help you overcome financial challenges and avoid debt.

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