15 of the Most Useful Apps for Small Business Owners

by Josh Biggs in Business, Mobile on 22nd November 2020

More than ever, people work on their mobile devices. Whether you work from home or in the field, some tasks just cannot wait. The right mobile apps, like those listed below, make communication, finances, data, social media, and travel a breeze no matter where you are.


Employees still love this messaging app, which allows you to organize your conversations privately and publicly. Slack supports file-sharing and keeps things clean with an archive feature. Business owners can rest assured there is no limit on users.


While there are plenty of video chatting apps on the market, few of them are used by as many people as Skype. This app allows you to connect via video, voice, or text on your desktop or mobile device.


Square has practically become synonymous with credit card payments for small businesses. With a simple swipe and sign, your customers can pay you and be on their way. Square also offers the ability for customers to tap. If you prefer, Square’s point-of-sale system sets you up with a screen and reader, so you don’t have to use your own device. 


Trello is the collaborative to-do list app that does it all. Create projects with timelines and attachments and invite collaborates to view them in Trello. Add plugins for Google Docs, Slack, Twitter, and more to expand its functionality.


Although there’s no shortage of cloud storage apps, Dropbox remains simple to use. Even the free version is quite valuable. Of course, business users may want to upgrade, so they never run out of storage space. 


If you have multiple cloud storage options, consider Unifyle; it integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. You can quickly search for files across all of your accounts with this app.

Your Credit Union

Don’t forget to download the app to access your credit union business account. This app makes it easy to check your balances, make payments, or move money between accounts right from your phone.


For almost two decades, businesses have relied on MailChimp to send newsletters to their subscribers. The app brings the ability to create and edit templates, and view performance reports no matter where you are.


If your small business ships products to clients or associates, ShipStation is a must. With this app, you can create and print labels, then track shipments. ShipStation integrates with WooCommerce and Shopify, among other eCommerce platforms.


This cloud accounting app helps you create professional invoices, set up automatic billing, and accept credit card payments. A particularly useful feature is the real-time schedule tracker, which can be a real eye-opener. 

Polaris Office

Available on both mobile and desktop, Polaris Office is an alternative to more expensive office software suites. Besides basic file editing (word, spreadsheet, PDF, and slides), Polaris Office also includes a file browser and can open ZIP files.


If business travel is on the horizon, TripIt should be on your device. It’s an easy way to manage multiple itineraries and avoid travel issues. TripIt also provides weather updates and driving directions.


Whether your employees work remotely or you work with contractors, DocuSign facilitates digital document signing on the go. Integrations with Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft make it all the more valuable.


Sign up and begin sharing content to your social media accounts with just a few taps. Buffer is compatible with Twitter profiles, Facebook pages and groups, LinkedIn profiles and pages, Instagram business profiles, and Pinterest accounts (pro only). With Buffer, you can schedule posts to go live, so your social channels are never quiet.


So many payments still happen over PayPal; it makes sense for small business users to download it. Send payments, manage invoices, or transfer money between PayPal and your bank account. If you want to use PayPal as a credit card reader, check our PayPal Here, a device that attaches to your phone or tablet to process payments.

Every small business has different needs, check some lucrative business ideas, so this list is just to get you started. To ensure you have all the apps necessary to run yours, consider the accounts and services you use and look for official or compatible apps.

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