3 Key Attributes of Generation Z Customers and How to Use Them in Your Favor

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 13th January 2020

Millennials were once considered to be the most complex and promising group of customers, but that time is in the past. Generation Z, or Gen Z as they are called more commonly, is the new, most complex and potent customer group to connect with. Read on as we discuss five key attributes about the new generation which will help you see better conversion rates from your marketing strategy.

Do Not Mistake Millennials with Gen Z

There might be a few similarities between the late millennials and early Gen Z customer groups, but they are far lesser in relevance compared to the differences that exist between their buying behaviors. Take note of the main differences between millennials and Gen Z to know what we are discussing here.

  • Smartphones are used by both groups, but Gen Z averages significantly more smartphone time than millennials
  • For Generation Z, TV is the last choice for seeking entertainment or news
  • Gen Z is aversive to pop up ads, more than any other generation
  • Gen Z has a lower average attention span for ads than millennials (8 seconds vs. 12 seconds)
  • Instagram attracts the newer generation more than Facebook
  • Millennials prefer experience over products, while it’s the other way around for Gen Z

They are the Most tech-Savvy Generation Yet

That which surrounds us at birth plays a great role in shaping our future personalities and expertise. This is the same reason why our forefathers always knew more about farming than we do. The same applies to Generation Z as well.

As they were born and brought up in a world surrounded by smartphones, laptops, consoles, large screen television sets and more, Gen Z is the most tech-savvy generation of them all. Even millennials cannot be considered nearly as technologically adept on an average than Gen Z.

In terms of marketing, the following highlights are important aspects to consider and utilize that tech-savviness:

  • They are the most ideal customers for the electronics industry
  • The younger generation is the least likely to be duped into buying outdated products, just for the brand’s namesake
  • The most likely generation to make online purchases and in-app purchases is Gen Z

In Spite of the Huge Potentials, connecting with them Can be Tough

Now that we have discussed some of the key attributes, it’s also important to realize that due to their familiarity with most modern concepts of marketing and sales, appealing and connecting with them is quite difficult. However, Gen Guru is seeking to bridge this existing gap between Generation Z and marketers or businesses, by providing them with an in-depth knowledge and training, specifically and uniquely geared towards understanding this new generation of customers, employees, voters and students.

A few years down the line, they will become the premier customer group with the highest buying power. This is all the more reason to try and make a connection with the next generation before they eventually become the prime generation.

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