3 Things To Know About Unlimited Data

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 13th April 2021

What are your thoughts about having an unlimited data plan? Does it make you jump into your tablet or laptop to stream your favorite series nonstop? Or you might have no idea yet what precisely is an unlimited data plan and how it works. 

If you’re one of the latter, an unlimited data plan entitles you to browse the Internet on your mobile phones and tablets without bothering about surpassing your data limit. In other words, your browsing and surfing capacity could be limitless. 

Data plans vary widely, depending on where you are based and on which carrier you signed up with. In Australia, for instance, there are Internet service providers, such as OCCOM and others, that offer various unlimited data pans. Whether you’re on the road or far from home, you can still access complete data. 

Is It Really Unlimited? 

There are a couple of things that have to be understood in signing up for an unlimited data plan. It could either be unlimited data at full speed or unlimited data with a specific adjustment on its full speed. 

With that said, some unlimited data plans could come with restrictions. Your use of data may seem endless, but over time, the speed could be suppressed. That’s because data is initially available at the maximum speed, but the speed could be slowed down after a certain amount is consumed. 

Therefore, it’s vital to always verify with the carrier before signing up for an unlimited data plan. If you signed up at OCCOM, for instance, they could offer you a data plan according to your needs. Whether they provide you OptiComm or LBNCo, as long as it’s what you prefer and you’re fully aware of what it comes with, then you’re good to go. You must make sure that it provides you with the amount of data or speed that you need.

Facts About Unlimited Data Plans

You could see the advances of technology in mobile phones’ innovations, the expansion of networks, and the development of data subscriptions. Technology seems to have reached a lot of milestones, including the development of unlimited data plans. 

It seems like it’s no longer trivial that the use of mobile phones and data has become universal. Statistics also predicted that mobile users use up to 8.9GB of data each month for the year 2021. That’s quite massive. 

If you’re one of those huge data users and you dislike running out of full-speed data each month, you might want to sign up for an unlimited data plan. 

Here’s are other things you should know about it:

  1. Carriers Measure Usage by the Data Your Device Sends and Receives 

For those who don’t know yet, data usage pertains to the kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB), and gigabytes (GB) that you consume whenever you browse online through your mobile phone. This includes downloading applications, working from home, browsing the web, streaming movies and other videos, engaging with social media, gaming, and more.  

When you sign up for an unlimited data plan, the service providers will map your data usage through the data received and sent by your device. Moreover, it’s essential to track and manage your data usage before signing up for a new data plan. 

  1. Unlimited Data Plans May Not Really Be Unlimited

You might expect that unlimited data plans provide you with as much data as you want to consume throughout your billing period. This, however, may just be a marketing tactic. There could be data limits where, once you consume data nonstop, the connection becomes slow and unusable. For example, you could be binge-watching your favorite series without issue now, but after a week, you’ll experience a slow connection.

The main thing is, there could be no limit as to how much data you consume. However, there’s a limit to its speed. This slowing down of your data seems to be due to de-prioritization. It basically means that your Internet provider could slow down your data speeds when there’s high network congestion. 

  1. An Unlimited Data Plan Could Be Ideal for Those Who Always Use It 

It could be great to surf the Internet without worrying about maximizing your data allowance. But do you really think having unlimited data is necessary? 

For the contract, unlimited data plans are typically more costly than those that aren’t. If you plan to sign up for an unlimited data plan, you must be someone who constantly exceeds the amount of data use on a non-unlimited plan.  

However, if you aren’t that much of an Internet user, an unlimited data plan may not be the best deal for you. Otherwise, you’re just spending more money on data you don’t need and use.  

The Bottomline 

That could be a lot of information for you to take in, but it’s crucial to know, especially if you’re choosing a plan that works best for you. Back then, data plans used to be very limited. But now, unlimited data exists. 

It’s essential always to understand your data usage to help you choose plans more wisely. Consult with a trusted service provider in your area and look up which plan really works for you based on your needs.

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