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3 Ways Using a Cloud Service Benefits your Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 17th May 2019

In the last decade, networked computing power has exploded across the internet. It is now possible to use cloud computing services for a variety of business tasks and increase efficiency and reduce costs along the way. Data is becoming a part of every business’ day to day operations, with more and more payment transactions becoming electronic, and those records need to be stored. This can create problems for a successful business, as the more customers and sales they make, their data demands increase also and can begin putting a strain on their IT infrastructure.

Fortunately, cloud computing services can take this strain off a business and offer even more support to businesses that find their data demand is becoming overwhelming. Operating a promotional email newsletter, communicating over email with suppliers and customers, and working on group business projects can all be benefitted by the use of cloud computing. Here are three of the main benefits any business can receive from implementing cloud computing services at their company.

Reduce IT Costs

The cost of keeping up to date with computer hardware and software can put a big strain on a business’ finances, especially a small business or a start-up. By using cloud computing, any business can drastically reduce a number of these costs. The computing hardware you keep on-site can be relatively inexpensive compared to companies that don’t take advantage of a cloud service, and the expensive hardware and data storage components are the responsibility of the company who operate the cloud. The fee they charge for operating their cloud service covers the costs of increasing data storage and maintaining the latest technology and security software.

Improve Data Security

Keeping data secure is increasingly becoming an important part of any business operations. Many businesses will complete financial transactions electronically, and each record must be kept securely to protect both your business and your customers. Using companies like Oracle cloud services means your data is backed-up securely and encrypted, protecting you and your clients. You can drastically reduce your vulnerability to online hackers and phishing scams by using a cloud computing service.

Increase Productivity

Using a cloud service allows your employees to share data quickly and easily. If you have employees working on a group project, promotional materials, for example, or sharing responsibility for business correspondence, then using a cloud service can increase their efficiency. By sharing data across the cloud, they can access their work from any computer, and do so simultaneously. Working this way reduces the time it normally takes to email one another with updates or new material, as everyone has access to the same data in real-time.

Cloud computing services have something to offer just about any business. The financial and time-saving opportunities using a cloud service present make it a very cost-effective IT solution, and the services keep on saving you money as technology keeps relentlessly moving forward. Any business, especially the small business or startup, can benefit greatly from using cloud computing.

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