GLOSE – A collaborative e-reading App raises $3.4M

by megan jones in News on 17th December 2018

Glose is a French Startup founded by Julien Chaumond and Nicolas Princen in the year 2013. Glose is an Online bookstore that makes reading books more social. It gives a reading experience which makes the reader purchase, read, discover, and engage with the e-books that people like on mobile and web. It also allows the readers to connect to other readers and have a conversation over the ebooks that we read and know the different books what others are reading.


Recently in venture round Glose has raised $3.4M. As stated by Julien Chaumond, the co-founder of Glose, These funds will be utilised in the Research and Development of the product and make it more accessible.

Features of Glose

Read Better

–  Navigate easily
– Navigation is made easy for the reader by providing progress bars, bookmarks, visual cues, and easy pick through chapters, pages, and books.
–  Personalize your experience: Font of the text can be changed for a better reading comfort for the user, a background can be selected, day or night mode can be changed, size of the text can be adjusted, reading atmosphere and many such settings.
– Fast: It has quick loading speed, programmed synchronization across devices, Glose is directed in a way to get the reader to the content as fast as possible without wasting time in waiting.


– +1M Ebooks in your hand: Glose e-bookstore contains the books from all over the world. It has a collection of books from the world’s best Authors and Publishers. It has both fiction and non-fiction, New York Times bestsellers, new releases, business, and Educational materials. It has all types of books in just one touch away.
– Start any book for free: All the reader has to do is click on the e-book that he wants to read without paying for it. The first 10% of any e-book is for free. The reader can go through millions of pages of any book without actually buying it.
– High-level curation: Glose gathers book lists from various authors, leaders, and readers. It makes a list of top 10 books, articles, and reviews for each book to help its readers choose the best book.

Glose – A reading platform
Glose is an ultimate reading hub which gives the best reading experience on all the devices like smartphones, tablets, and computer. With Glose, we can read anytime and anywhere either it be online or offline. Its users are allowed to personalize settings, archive highlights, follow progress, and notes automatically.
Glose – An e-bookstore
Glose has more than 1000000 ebooks to pick from. It contains books in romance, literature, economics, business, science, history, and many more. we can even upload our own content and add to the private library. Readers can even select various texts and create different reading groups with like people and discuss with them on the interesting subject.

Glose – A community
Readers can connect to other readers and form a group and they can read a book together. As reading is always more fun and motivating when we have someone else to share and encourage us to read. We can build our own bookshelf where we can invite friends and socialize with more people and share our notes and have conversations on the books that we read.


The problem with reading is that it demands a lot of energy, time and no diversions. Glose has come up with solutions to such problems to improve reading experience. It even suggests the best book for the reader. Since it contains more than 1M ebooks, readers can pick any of them for free and read it even before choosing the interesting fit for the reader. Reading is always fun when read with friends around. one can connect with friends, begin on reading challenges, share our notes, and unlock awards and badges. With these facilities, one will definitely increase love for reading and gets motivated and encouraged. Reading is always the best practice for any person. With Glose, reading is made easy and it makes a person smarter, more inspired and motivated.


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