3D Printing Tech Company Desktop Metal raises $160M

by megan jones in News on 28th January 2019

Desktop Metal is founded in the year October 2015, by Ric Fulop, Jonah Myerberg with its headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts, United States. It is a Tech company which belongs to Manufacturing industry that designs and markets Metal 3D Printing systems. Desktop Metal main objective is to reinvent the way in which the Engineering and Manufacturing teams generally produce the metal parts starting from Prototyping through Mass production. This company was established to solve a problem on how to produce Metal 3D Printing Systems that are accessible for Engineering teams. The 3D Printing systems processed by this company are small enough and operate really fast for office settings.


In the series E funding round led by Koch Industries and participation from other ventures like GV, Techtronic Industries and Panasonic, Desktop Metal has raised $160M. This newly raised funds will be utilized for advancing in the development of 3D Printing Technology.

Products of Desktop Metal

Studio System

Studio System of Desktop Metal is a High-Resolution printing system with metal 3D Printing solution and is also office-friendly.

Advantages of using Studio System

  1. Sale for Office purpose: The studio system eliminates loose powers and lasers that are often raised with using metal 3D Printing, which is safe and can be used in any Facility. While using the Studio system, there is no need to use any special facilities or third-party equipment. All it needs is just an Internet connection and power supply.
  2. Easy to Use: With the help of the Studio system, it is easy to print the metal parts In-House for any simplified models. The Guesswork can be taken out of the achieving parts along with good metallurgy automatically with the help of the integrated software present in the Studio System.
  3. Built to Scale: The system is built in such a way that it is adaptable to diverse the Business needs. There are few custom build plans that are optimized for the multi-part jobs which can be auto-generated with the software in Studio system. Scalable throughput for any low volume production can be enabled with the sinter capacity available in Studio system.

Production System

A production system is used for Mass Productions.

Advantages of using Production System-

  1. 100x Faster: This system processes 100x faster compared to Quad-Laser metal printers. It contains breakthrough Signal pass jetting technology. The speed is 4x faster compared to the Binder Jetting alternative. Using Production System, Complex metal parts can be manufactured very fast.
  2. 20x Lower Cost-Per-Part: Simple post-processing, High throughput, and Low-cost MIM Powder delivers the cost per part which are competitive to traditional processes.


The Software is designed in a way that Metal 3d Printing has become more accessible and successful. The Software solutions of Desktop Metal supports Fabrication process which includes System Operators, Shop Managers, and Design Engineers.

Different software that is available are

  • Fabricate: By using fabricate, Model prep can be simplified, and Metal 3D Printing can be automated. This can be used in the Studio System which makes it easy to produce any complex metal parts.
  • Live Parts: This software works in advanced simulation and morphogenetic principles to design the optimized parts within minutes.
  • Fab Flow: Fab Flow software is designed to bring workflow management and communications to a Single Platform. It can be used for any busy Fabrication Shops. It is mandatory for shop managers to have the control and visibility to increase their business.


Desktop Metal has been a great advantage for manufacturing industry especially to the Large-scale printing company. The systems of Desktop Metal can print different types of materials like copper, aluminum, steel, and alloys like Inconel. And even the products are very safe as they do not use any hazardous materials or dangerous lasers. It is in great demand today in the market for its low price and safe products.

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