4 Inverters Offering The Best-Of-Breed Specifications in India

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 27th August 2021

An inverter is a device that converts DC (Direct Current) electricity from batteries to AC (Alternating Current) electricity. If you’re looking to buy inverters, the most important thing to do first is figuring out how much power your house consumes on average. 

You can find this number on the electric bill if you have one or by contacting your utility company and asking them what they usually see per month in terms of usage for similar homes in your area. The best way to do this is with a wattmeter, which measures both current and voltage at any given time. 

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Here are some top inverters for you to explore. 

  1. Luminous Zelio 1100i Smart Home UPS (Blue) – With i-Control Feature

The Luminous Zelio 1100i Smart Home UPS (Blue) with i-Control feature is the smartest UPS in town, with which you can control your power back up with ease. This India-made product has Bluetooth connectivity which means only a 10m range but a whole lot of convenience. Smartly manage all your power needs with a mobile App and LED Display on the front!

Image Source: Luminous

  1. Luminous Zelio WiFi 1100 12V Sine Wave Home UPS Blue

Luminous Inverter WiFi 1100 12V Sine Wave Home UPS is equipped with an external MCB, giving you the freedom to connect your devices to charge without worrying about short circuits. The in-built alarm management gives you a warning sign of low battery or surge is detected. 

In addition, these inverters provide a bypass option where there is no need for wiring change; it will automatically switch to an output power supply under distress or fault conditions. Luminous inverters run on Eco and UPS mode depending on user requirements.

Image Source: Luminous

  1. Luminous Optimus 1250 Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Home, Office, and Shops with Advanced LCD Display (Blue), standard

The Luminous inverters are safe for home use and have a VA rating of 1100VA and a peak load of 924W with an output voltage of 220V (inverter mode). This model includes an LCD display that provides information on battery performance statistics, including battery charging time, backup time, percentage load running on the inverter, fault indications. 

This model also offers user-settable controls which enable optimizing performance between 8A-18A charging current and 200V-240V output voltage selection to accommodate different situations such as longer backup time or more power usage.

Some benefits to keep in mind are:

  1. Fast Battery Charging: Low voltage input supply charge begins at 95 V while fast charge starts from 120 V input supply voltage.
  1. Battery Efficiency: Supports all types of batteries such as flat plate, tubular and SMF, which need to be purchased separately. These inverters can work with AGM or Gel batteries (12V 80 Ah-220 Ah).
  1. Protection Features: Bypass switch to restore input mains in case of a fault in an inverter; protection features and alarms on overload, over-temperature, battery low, short circuit.

Inverters are a great way to save money when using electronic appliances by supplying power from the battery. This saves you on expensive electricity bills and allows for more flexibility in your home or office environment. If you’re looking for inverter installation, look for brands like Luminous. They have many options available to suit your energy requirements and budget.

Inverter units can be quite complex, so if you’re unsure of how to choose the right one for your needs or if you would like them installed by a licensed electrician, contact the experts today. The experts will provide a quote and information on all their products, including price comparisons with other suppliers. You’ll get more options, better prices and peace of mind knowing that there is an experienced professional behind the project.

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