4 Reasons Why eLearning on Smartphones is Worth its Weight In Gold

by Josh Biggs in Mobile on 4th December 2019

Witnessing an overall growth of over 900% over the last two decades, eLearning has transformed the way the world looks at education. One fine evidence for the same is the big chunk of the human population that has been using the internet for learning everything.

It’s simple and true. Whether someone wants to learn college grade maths or beginner level music, eLearning has made it easier for both learners and trainers.

And then, one add-on that makes eLearning even better is the introduction of eLearning on smartphones. Bingo! Because now you don’t even need a laptop.

But is that all? Certainly not! Smartphone learning technology offers a number of benefits, the top 4 of which are mentioned below.

1. Takes You Where Your Audience Is

We all know how smartphones have changed the way the world works.

Even more than the internet, it’s because of smartphones than humans in 2019 can do more with minimal physical movement. And thanks to the convenience that smartphones bring, humans really spend a big part of their time on their smartphones.

For this reason, it becomes crucial for eLearning course authors to make their courses accessible on smartphones.

Think for yourself, if a major part of your audience uses smartphones for almost everything, they can be pursued more easily with a smartphone app or smartphone friendly content for your course.

2. Brilliant Tool for Boosting Learner Engagement

One of the best benefits of using smartphones for eLearning is that it gives a considerable boost to learner engagement.

This happens as smartphones provide easy access to networking sites like Twitter. This feature enables learners to tweet questions and answers to the topics related to their course. As a result of this, the learners get an easy exposure to the world or professionals that are thriving in their respective niche.

3. Additional Convenience for Learners

While eLearning in itself is a convenient learning option for learners across the world, when brought to smartphones, it takes the convenience quotient to a new high.

If you are learning through an eLearning course on your laptop, sitting at your home, you would know how easier it would be, if you could consume the same course material while travelling on a bus, in a cab or in the metro.

Makes sense, right?

Well, that’s one way a business’ eLearning efforts can actually be optimized. Also, it makes life easier for learners, which makes it a win-win.

4. Better for Regularity; Overcoming the Boring Classroom Resistance

One of the major reasons why traditional classrooms or conventional eLearning methods may not work for businesses trying to train their employees is that they generally come off as boring.

No matter how interesting a lesson is, getting your employees for attending a training session can always get you in sweat.

This is simply because the idea of traditional classrooms comes off as lame and boring to the new-gen of employees. Also, it hinders productivity at work.

A simple solution to this problem can be the introduction of smartphone learning. This way, your employees won’t particularly have to take hours out of work for consuming your learning material. And won’t have to be a part of a traditional classroom against their wills either.

There’s a number of mobile learning solutions that can help you set up an eLearning course that’s 100% on smartphones as well. All you need to do is use them optimally.

Final words

It’s no surprise that eLearning as an industry has grown exponentially over the years. Almost every area and industry where a learner and a trainer are involved are using eLearning practices for escalating various processes.

In times like these, smartphones play a vital role. In this post, we talked about how eLearning on smartphones is a great investment idea for businesses.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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