4 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Google Partner Agency

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 2nd November 2020

Promoting your business online is a great way to reach a wider audience. With so many people using the internet, you can expose your brand to millions of users and gain potential customers who are interested in the services or products you’re offering. 

However, with several other businesses vying for the public’s attention, getting a leg up on the competition is challenging. Thankfully, you can make your brand stand out in the saturated market with the help of a Google Ads partner specialising in Adwords management.

What are Google Partner Agencies and How Can They Help You

In order to get your brand on Google, you’ll need to use Google Ads. This platform is designed to allow businesses to advertise their offerings on Google’s ad network by displaying their products or services through display advertising, video advertising, search advertising, mobile advertising, and many more for a price. Anyone can access Google Ads. Nevertheless, not everyone is trained to utilise its tools to its fullest. This is where Google Partner agencies come in.

Google Partner agencies specialise in optimising your Google Ads campaign. These companies have a dedicated Google Ads agency team composed of individuals who have the certification to prove that they are experts in using the Google Ads platform. 

There are two types of Google Ads partners: Google Partner and Google Premier Partner. At their very cores, both partners provide similar services. Depending on your needs and budget, however, one partner might suit you better than the other.

What makes these two partners different from one another are their certifications and spend. When it comes to their certifications, a Google Partner agency has one certified individual who has an admin or standard access to your Google Ads manager or sub-manager account. A Google Premier Partner agency, on the other hand, must at least have 2 Google Ads certified individuals who have the same level of access as the Google Partner agency. When it comes to their spend, Google Partner agencies are required to meet a AUD 10,000 ad spend within a 90-day time frame. Google Premier Partner agencies, however, have a higher spend and must meet the requirement in the same amount of time.

If your campaign has a smaller budget, a Google Partner agency is your best option. Once you’re working with a reputable agency, you’ll receive the following benefits:

1. Receive Excellent Services

Google Partner agencies have a status to uphold, so they need to continually meet and go beyond the standards set by Google. As such, when you work with a Google Partner, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest level of service.  

2.  More Optimised Ad Campaign

Aside from being experts in using Google Ads’ tools, Google Partners can create ad campaigns that suit your brand’s goals. They’re also up to date with the Google Ads news, allowing them to implement the latest advertising changes to further optimise your campaign. Additionally, they have access to the platform’s beta features, giving you the chance to test out new Google tools ahead of your competitors. Take note that some features may not be available in certain countries, so it’s best to ask the Google Partner agency if they have access to the Google Ads’ beta platform.

3. The Ability Work Directly with Google

What makes Google certified partners a notch above the rest is the fact that they’re working directly with a Google representative. This is quite advantageous as Google Partner agencies can speak with a dedicated Google agent and gain suggestions on how to enhance your campaign. They can also immediately contact these representatives should your ads face issues. Take for example ads attacked by malware. Typically, it would take businesses several days or weeks to solve this problem, losing a lot of time and money in the process. However, if you’re working with a Google Partner agency, your issue will be sent directly to a Google representative, so it can be dealt with in a shorter amount of time.

4. You’re Getting Your Money’s Worth

Though hiring a Google Partner agency may take a large portion of your budget, it’s an investment worth taking. When your ad campaign is in good hands, you can rest assured that your brand is reaching and attracting the correct audience. You can also rest easy knowing that your ads are abiding by the rules set by Google, lowering the risk of your account from being suspended and preventing the disabling of the remarketing of your ads.

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