4 Tips in Designing a Modern Office Space That’s Geared for Success

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 5th September 2022

Over the last two decades, office designs have undergone a significant evolution. Office cubicles have given way to open floor plans and now use abstract backdrops to give the office a whole new look. There are now wellness and game rooms in addition to the traditional pantry. But amidst all these changes, one thing will remain: The physical work environment has a significant impact on the productivity and well-being of employees.

Modern office design is a trend that inspires creativity and fosters collaboration. It’s a perfect symphony of colors, textures, and the best modern office furniture. This design is often characterized by natural light sources, collaborative spaces, and functional yet chic accessories.

However, modern office design has become more than just a trend. Incorporating it means taking sustainability into consideration. Businesses turn their offices into eco-friendly spaces in different ways, such as investing in sustainable “organic modern” furniture, reducing plastic use, installing motion-activated light switches, and using smart power strips.

If you’re planning to revamp your office space to ignite the fire of passion and purpose, here are some tips on designing a modern office space.

Install Collaborative Furniture

The key to a company’s success lies in the collaboration of its employees. Teamwork that extends beyond departments creates an active feedback loop that contributes to achieving company goals.

You may select modern office furniture that facilitates collaboration within the organization. An example would be collaboration tables with built-in acrylic desk screens and chairs that can separate into a more flexible seating plan. There are also freestanding media units where employees can discuss ideas and instantly project their work onto a screen during an “aha” moment.

To facilitate small group discussions, acoustic pods can provide the privacy and technology needed to discuss a project. They’re equipped with task lighting and power outlets for a space that may spawn the next big thing in your business.

Provide Comfortable Work Areas

Employees spend 50% of their waking hours inside the office. You should provide them with comfortable work areas to keep them energized and motivated. Gone are the days of identical and stiff office chairs. It would be best to incorporate seating areas where employees can lounge around while working on their laptops.

You could include large couches and side coffee tables where your team can comfortably share their thoughts over a cup of joe.

Apart from cozy seating areas, you can apply ergonomic and innovative elements. Go for office chairs, desks, and other furniture that are specifically designed for comfort, safety, and optimum work performance. Desks featuring slim legs and soft, angled corners and edges that help prevent bruises and scratches are great examples of ergonomic office furniture. 

Furthermore, there are organizations that help product designers, industry professionals, and even business owners improve ergonomics and seating design with data. For instance, sensors are used to assess pressure on cushions. So, with valuable data provided by a company, you can choose the right office furniture and other accessories that will make work areas more comfortable and functional. 

Provide Modern Standing Desks

Several studies have repeatedly shown that “sitting is the new smoking.” Bear in mind that your employees can only reach their peak potential if they’re healthy. Sitting for an extended period every day poses a high risk for illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.

Standing desks can alleviate these health risks while maintaining a positive workflow. Employees can stand up and continue to work without disrupting the flow of creative juices. You may incorporate height-adjustable workstations, so your team can enjoy the flexibility of shifting from one working position to another.

These thoughtful adjustments to their desks will show them that you value their health as much as you value their skills and creativity.

Install Decorative Storage Spaces

When designing your modern office furniture and space, the form should not suffer over function. It’d be a wise move to select filing cabinets and drawers that also serve as decorative pieces. They can provide a splash of color that brightens up the room.

You may also opt for a very chic filing island, which makes sorting documents a pleasant experience. They may even serve as an impromptu meeting area for ideas that couldn’t wait to be shared.

Office design is more than just putting furniture and accessories together. It’s a creative pursuit of making a space that will promote a joyful and comfortable space for employees to thrive. On top of that, it’s an effective approach that can help improve employees’ well-being. When staff feel comfortable about their work environment, they’re less likely to experience anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues. Additionally, providing them with a functional office space is an excellent way to increase their productivity. With the following tips, inevitably, your team will always look forward to coming to work every day.

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