5 Entry-Level Jobs in SEO Every Student Can Score

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 22nd July 2021

The legend says: “No one knows what happens in those milliseconds between your click on the link and the webpage opening”. Even though we witness the Internet work perfectly well every day, there are many things beyond the user’s knowledge. It’s magic within the complex algorithms and systems. Some of the most magical artifacts are search engines. 

Back in the day, you may remember that searching for something could be a quest on its own. Nowadays the situation is drastically different. You can be sure that even with a vague request you will be offered a website or application that hits the bull’s eye. How is it possible?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) foregrounds the most relevant pages for your inquiry. It is not a coincidence when you get the best custom writing service or the best discount offers in your area. Of course, SEO is not only about products and services, but it is essential for brands to know how it works. Otherwise, they can fall out of the vision of people who need their assistance.

If you are intrigued and already thought about entering the world of SEO, this list is for you. Brought to you by the power of SEO and endless possibilities to master its craft.

SEO Jobs? Are there many?

You may know the SEO Specialist position, which is often on the first pages of job search websites. SEO is more of the spectrum, where you need a team of people who know what they are doing.

The most common job profiles in the SEO include:

  • AdWords Specialist; 
  • SEO Analyst; 
  • SEO Trainee;
  • Brand Manager; 
  • Link building Expert;  
  • SEO Copywriter; 
  • SEO Content Manager; 
  • Digital Marketing Manager; 
  • SEO Project Manager, and many others;

Most companies indicate the entry-level, which still may require some experience. Always look at key responsibilities and your understanding of tasks set for the position. 

Working in SEO is never a lone warrior mission. You would be surrounded by people with experience and goals to achieve. Don’t be afraid to clarify your tasks and ask for clear directions. Many things become easier with practice and case studies.

Content Manager

As a manager, you are responsible for user experience and website content. You also have to communicate and cooperate with writers, set tasks, and review the results. It may seem too much at first sight. Content managers are Neo in the iconic Matrix scene, dodging the bullets of keeping up with many projects.

Yet, you need attentiveness to detail, perfect time management, and communication skills to land a job. Every other aspect is easy to master and advance to the other level, with the possibility of career growth in the field.

  • Average salary: $6k/month.

SEO Copywriter

If you like writing, copywriting would be a perfect position to enter SEO’s world. You get a technical task and create a unique text. It is all about the texts that are easy to read and engage the audience. Without copywriters, SEO would suffer a great deal.

It is yet another position to learn the kitchen of SEO. You learn what works and what doesn’t for traffic growth. Although not strictly required, AdobePhotoshop and other editing software knowledge in your skills basket can add to your rapid career advancement in SEO. 

  • Average salary: $4k/month.

SEO Account Manager

Social media management can seem like torture if you feel anxiety attacks from speaking with customers. In this case, SEO account management would include learning how social media platforms carry marketing tools. This position would include learning about traffic and analysis of successful or failed campaigns. Thus, if you are not afraid to build a brand’s identity and boost its visibility, SEO social media management is for you. 

It is yet another great start for fresh blood in SEO. Again, you will work in collaboration with a team, so don’t be afraid of the content you post. 

  • Average salary: $5k/month.

Junior Affiliate Marketing Manager

Affiliate marketing is essential to drive and generate significant online traffic and revenue. Each time the product or company is mentioned, your company gets revenue. At this position, you would need some background knowledge (for instance PPC (pay per click ads), email marketing, etc.) At the same time, it is impossible to imagine this field without SEO techniques to implement.

You will cooperate with other departments to achieve the best results with organic traffic flow and increase revenue. You will also help to create keyword lists if needed and look at the promotion opportunities. Affiliate marketing is one of those shadow parts of digital marketing, but its role is crucial. 

  • Average salary: $5k/month.

Junior Digital Marketing Analyst

If you have some understanding of analytics and how to access big amounts of data, you should consider a marketing analyst position. You have to stay at the top of the game with online trends and statistics. In cooperation with SEO Specialists and other departments, you will create a strategy to improve campaigns and track their performance.

This job is demanding, just like any other, but your results are beyond gratifying. As soon as you see your first results and your first contribution to the project, you will understand the complexity of the SEO machine. Every department has to be like clockwork. This job is perfect if you can also predict customer behavior and plan your strategies several steps ahead. 

  • Average salary: $5.5k/month.

Wrapping Up

It is fair to say that the Internet still has many tricks up its sleeves. We never know what we can discover as specialists or ordinary users. Sometimes the tiniest detail can change the way the algorithm behaves.

It is also fair to say that SEO is one of those fields that constantly seem to be on the verge of great discovery. If you ever want to be a part of something great, don’t hesitate to constantly update your knowledge of SEO and its trends. Good luck with these entry-level jobs in SEO!

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