5 essential marketing tips for the manufacturing Companies

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 18th March 2019

Manufacturing companies normally follow the traditional marketing approach. They depend mostly on word of mouth, contacts they created over the years or references from their loyal satisfied client base. With changing times any business has to adapt to the new changes.

It’s time for these companies to shed their old skin and adapt to new-age techniques of marketing in the manufacturing industry also. Since this industry is run on its own set of terms and has its own needs. It is important to tweak the marketing methods according to your companies needs. That is when your business gets effective results.

Even though the manufacturing industry’s growth is flat. Your business should start working smarter. You should be on a constant lookout for new changes in the market and develop new product strategies to seek growth.

This industry is less exposed to digital marketing. Other industries like food, pharma, construction have used digital marketing to reach audiences. Manufacturing industry also has a large audience base and media reach if companies go digital.

Here are 5 essential marketing tips that can help your company.

  1.  Optimise your website

See that your website is clean. It should not be confusing for your viewers to use. It should be easily navigatable and well organised. Optimize your website to make it search engine friendly. Don’t constrain your website to text content, use video marketing also. Make sure that your website is colorful and interesting. See that your content is optimized with keywords. Even your images should be optimized, use professional help for images as they can make your website beautiful.

Add testimonials of your satisfied customers as it may motivate your new customers to consider buying your products. Post content that is helpful and useful to your audience. There are many free online tools available that can assist you, or you can seek professional help by hiring an inbound marketing agency.


  1. Campaigns & social media

Maintain an active social media presence. Social media helps you in reaching your customers fast and makes you a part of their life. You can promote your products. And it allows you to address customer grievances fast. You can post announcements about your new product launch. If your customers are interested in your products or posts, they may share it on their social media wall. That way you can reach new potential customers also.

Campaigns can also help you in increasing your following in social media. It can also drive traffic to your website. Using techniques like email marketing can be used to stay in touch with the audience. You can inform them about your latest blog posts or new products. Create campaigns that have an emotional message while promoting your products. As it may strike an empathy with your customers.


  1. Video marketing

Video marketing has a lot of potential in driving traffic to your website. It breaks monotony on your website. Videos attract customers attention, they generate curiosity. Use video marketing to familiarize your brand to customers. You can show them how your products are prepared, walk them around your company, introduce your team.  You can do vlogs on how to unbox your products or how to operate your product. You can do lives in social media where you can answer questions on all technical related stuff of your products and you can create safety videos also. Video marketing is going to be on rage in upcoming years. So use video marketing to create a connection with your customers and improve sales.


4.Innovate yourself and customers service

If there is no constant evolution within their products then the company is not in the path of growth. Your company should constantly change itself and innovate your products to gain a competitive advantage over other companies in the industry. You have to adapt to these ever-changing trends to become a leader within your industry. Provide your customers with the best services.

Be it providing them free services over product repairs, warranties or answering their queries relating to products. Make sure that your team is quick in addressing their questions. Always stay ready to assist them. Providing great service after purchase can help you in creating a loyal customer base. They may even refer your brand to their near and dears.


  1. Right team

Behind every successful company, there are many sleepless nights of hard work of its employees. Your workforce plays a huge role in your company growth. So select deserving candidates for the job. Provide them with training on new technologies to excel in work. Your employees are walking brand ambassadors of your company, so make sure they follow etiquette while interacting with their customers. And have your team ready for any emergencies. Having the right team to back your excellent products will take your company to new heights.

Establish yourself as a leader by following all these tips. Don’t leave your website to dust after creating it, be consistent in blogging or posting. It creates an opportunity to interact with your customers. Humanize your brand to your customers. Help them in understanding your companies vision and mission. Provide them with best in the industry services to make them your loyal customers.


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