5 Features about UI/UX Design for Food Delivery App

by Josh Biggs in Software, Tech on 18th December 2020

A food delivery app is an essential tool for any restaurant or catering establishment. 59% of all restaurant orders made by millennials are takeout or delivery. Food delivery software can include many features — online orders, push notifications for customers, API integration to help track deliveries, communicate with customers, and provide better restaurant management. Online orders are instantly handled by the app and drivers receive tasks via their smartphones. 

Food delivery for remote employees has been on the rise amid the pandemic outburst, so the competition is very high in this segment. You are not alone on the market, and you will need a professional UI/UX design agency for startups to create a competitive food delivery platform.

What Is UI/UX?

The terms UI and UX are very popular in web design, but they are often misinterpreted and even combined into one term — UI/UX design. To avoid confusion, let us have a closer look at them.

UI and UX are forms of application interface development. Their common goal is to make user interaction with the interface intuitive, enjoyable, and appropriate to their needs. At the same time, despite the close interconnection of these concepts, it is not entirely correct to compare them since designers need different skills to work on them.

UI design is responsible for the aesthetic aspect of the product, while UX design implies the creation of a convenient and functional user interface. Together they complement each other, but separately, their existence does not make much sense. A nice but hard-to-navigate site will drive users away, and an interface with poor visualization will look boring. UI designers make decisions about the screen layout, color scheme, textures, iconography, widgets, etc. The task of a UX designer is to identify user needs, spot problems in the process of interaction with the app, and find solutions to eliminate them. Overall, UX is a broader concept than UI. UI is a web design tool, while UX is a process.

What Features Are a Must?

The app marketplace is really crowded today. Therefore, UI/UX features are defining the success of your development. Prioritize the following functions to win customers’ attention.

Interesting content

An application is useless without valuable content. The app should offer a wide choice of restaurants, cuisines, and foods, so people have a reason to use it. Customers should be able to view all the restaurants near them and make an order easily. It’s a good idea to add a wishlist for people to remember which food they would like to try next. Add an image to every food-related element in your application. An appealing picture will help people visualize what to expect. Images should evoke associations with tasty and well-prepared food. In this case, people will enjoy your app. Unfortunately, many apps ignore this simple trick and are doomed to failure.

Easy to navigate menu and filter system

It is important to provide customers with a simple and straightforward procedure for navigating the app. The customer should be able to get the desired dish in just a few clicks. Do not forget that tempting food images boost hunger, and a well-matched color combination grabs attention.

Many people use delivery apps for a specific type of food. If your menu is versatile, add a convenient filter system that will enable customers to sort dishes by name, restaurant, cuisine, calories, etc. It will take less time for users to find what they need. It is also advisable to include push notifications that will inform your customers about discounts, free deliveries, and other promotions. Push notifications allow you to stimulate inactive customers and increase the number of actual orders.

Online payment integration

More and more people opt for e-wallets. It is estimated that in 2023, the number of those using e-payments will reach 1.3 billion. So it is vital to provide as many payment options as possible. The payment process should be fast and safe.

Another important thing is to reflect transparent information on delivery costs. The users will not tolerate hidden payments.

Delivery tracking

This feature is of utmost importance. It is very convenient to see exactly where your food is and when it will arrive. GPS tracking system will make your application stand out from the crowd of similar services. And couriers will have access to the best routes and the opportunity to estimate the time required for delivery. The customer should also be able to view the order status, track the location of the courier, contact the operator directly without leaving the application, and receive the order at any convenient place.

Embedded rating system

Many online services already provide you with reviews to help you choose the right goods based on your preferences. The main idea of this feature is to save time. So, make it possible for your customers to share their recommendations. It will allow others to choose something completely new and interesting based on this feedback. People like sorting everything by rating and scanning comments. Reviews are still one of the most trusted sources of information. Imagine a huge selection of dishes that you can order. The first step an average customer will take is to sort them by popularity and look through reviews.


Food delivery application allows you to reach the maximum audience within the shortest time and with minimum financial investments. The app will help you run your business efficiently and provide your customers with quality service. But you should remember that the whole process should be easy and understandable for each user, regardless of their technical background.  The above-described UI/UX features can be implemented into the application of any complexity and will make it engaging and streamlined.

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