5 Features Of A Good Saas Company To Look For

by Josh Biggs in Software, Tech on 18th June 2020

Over the last few years, more and more sales companies are looking to automate lead generation processes so that they can dig right in to leverage information and make sales right out of the gate. One of the most popular solutions for this demand is a software as service products that automate lead generation tasks. Many sales departments are turning to companies these days.

The question many sales teams are asking is “Does a better Zoominfo alternative exist, and if so, what are the best Zoominfo alternatives?” We will attempt to answer these questions by highlighting some of the most important things to look for in a Zoominfo alternative. Namely, what to look for in such a SaaS product/service to replace what Zoominfo does well, and to fill in where it falls short.

 1. Provides Current Information on Contacts

As a sales professional, leads are your bread and butter. You cannot compromise on quality when it comes to your contact lists. Quality contacts mean that the contact information is accurate, that the intelligence on the buying habits or interests of the contact is both true and robust. It also means that contact lists must be organized in a useful manner.

Without all of these qualities, working through a list of contacts can be like wading through someone’s recycling bin. The user needs to have confidence that the contacts are of high quality. The filters should be powerful and easy to use, and when you click on an industry category, you want to see a list of companies and have confidence that outreach to these companies is a worthwhile endeavour.

2. Delivers a Competitive Number of Contacts

Sales have been a profession for as long as people have had goods and services to exchange. The one thing that has always been and will always be a part of sales is working through lists of likely zejections. For this to be worthwhile, you need access to long lists of contacts that are high quality, or at least reasonably likely to be high quality.

What you also need is the competitive delivery of these contact lists. The best sales leads SaaS services will provide more qualified numbers more often than their competition. For the hard-working sales professional who is willing to pound the pavement, this is the most important thing.

3. Offers Easy to Search Data

Even if your contact lists are huge and full of high-quality leads, if they are not easy to search through, or if the information is inaccurate more than 50 per-cent of the time, you are going to sink hundreds of hours into simply sorting out good contacts from bad, acting on bad filters, and wasting time.

You need good customer support and fulsome intel on leads. If you reach out to a bad lead, you need the right information necessary to take you to the next step in the sales process and attempt to salvage the sale.

Another important thing Zoominfo falls short on is robust information databases on small companies. These are often the most receptive buyers since they are eager to improve their growth. More info on a larger number of smaller companies would be a huge boon to any sales pro.

4. Provides a Useful Organization Tree

You might be noticing that there’s a common theme among these things to look for – ie; the organization of lists of potential leads. If your lists of leads are not automatically organized or organized ahead of time, you stop being a sales rep and start being a bookkeeper. That’s not what you were hired to do.

 A lot of lead database providing companies to showcase high-quality information tree. The problem with it is that all the data crunching can make your workflows slow sometimes. Also, updates in lead profiles can be very slow. You can find yourself doing a lot of busywork while the databases update. Worst of all, systems that pour a lot of resources into organizing large databases are prone to crashing.

 What this means is that you need to work with a sales SaaS lead generation company that is ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering a light and nimble programming architecture that remains robust and powerful.

5. Delivers Regular, Useful Updates

That brings us to our final point – regular, useful updates. Sales pros who work hard can chew through a list of leads in an afternoon. If that describes you, you need a fresh one ready to go the next day. Short of that, you might find yourself tempted to start canvassing neighbourhoods while the database updates.

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