5 Online Platforms To Find An Investor For Your Startup

by Josh Biggs in Startup on 7th October 2020

A lot of the great ideas are lost because their owners do not have the capital. Unknown to most of these developers, some of the best performing brands around the world were started by developers who had nothing in their pockets. They depended on investors, a lot of whom are still available to fund your startup and transform it into a viable business. 

The challenge of funding has stopped a lot of students from implementing their ideas and turning them into successful startups. Get professional finance homework help to enable you spend more time working on your idea and turn it into a viable startup. 

Getting funding for your startup is as easy as a few clicks on the internet. There are online platforms that will link you to investors who can support your startup until it transforms into a viable business. Here are 5 platforms where you can get investors to sponsor your idea into a viable business. 

  1. Fundersclub

The platform is known to have an intense vetting process when handling applications for funding. Out of the thousands who apply with excellent ideas, only 3% make through the vetting process. It means that you have to prepare a water-tight proposal with clear wins for your investors. 

The average funding from this club is $3000 to $5000. The money is sufficient to get you started while at the same time minimizing the risk for investors. Their funding structure is incremental such that the success of the first phase will open opportunities for more funding. The platform only works with accredited investors, providing a guarantee that your ideas will not be shortchanged. 

  1. Seeders

The platform is based in the UK and provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to raise funds via cloudfunding. They have a footprint in such startups as ADLudio and Maily, to startups already making waves in business circles. If you have an excellent idea, they will get you under their wings until it has turned into a viable business. 


ONEVEST is unique because of its hands-on approach to handling startups and investing in new business ideas. In the application, you will fill a form that details the idea and how it can be transformed into a money maker. You must also indicate the kind of investment you target. 

An investor will call you to discuss the details of your idea and desired investment. Even with this hands-on approach, the investor will not pay a commission to invest in the businesses. The minimum investment is $5000 and investors have a grace period between 3-5 years for their capital to reach liquidity. 


It allows unaccredited investors to put in as low as $100 into ideas. They have more than 75 startups and prefer the B2C category. The platform has even attracted the attention of other funders to reach more people in their B2C segment. 

  1. Angel Kings

The platform receives more than 100 applications by startups every day. It has managed to fund at least 1 in every 1000 applications. The platform is on the path of becoming the most successful startup funding platform based on the success of the businesses under their wings. 

Getting funding for your startup is as easy as clicking on a website and making an application. Examine the terms and conditions before submitting an application. It helps to work with an investor specializing in your business model or segment. 

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