5 Reasons to Rent a Satellite Phone in 2020

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 16th November 2020

The “ME” time is important for everyone. This will enhance their creativity levels. Spending time with a dear one is important and surely makes a lot of difference. Social time is primarily important for boosting happiness. Spending valuable time with your dear one is a good investment. Having fun outdoors is an amazing way to disconnect from the people for a while. If you’re dreaming to spend quality time with your dear one outdoor then this could be the right moment for you.

Wait a moment!!! Imagine a situation when you’re away from the house and disaster strikes. Homes, hotels, hospitals, buildings and almost everything is destroyed. Many people are injured and few people are dead.

Sounds like a mini-heart attack right. 

It’s no surprise an emergency situation such as earthquakes, building on fire and tsunami may have a power cut. Also, the roads get blocked and become inaccessible. No food and water for days and weeks. When you’re separated, you cannot connect with the outside world. Also, when there is no power, it’s obvious that the network connection will get disconnected. Meanwhile, your phone will not get connected. This could be the saddest part when you cannot explain your situation with your family members or friends.

Here is the happiest news for you. A satellite phone is here to rescue you. Get a satellite phone and have complete peace of mind. The satellite phone will help you to connect with people during emergencies.

Many people are unaware of the satellite phones. But, they’ve aware of reasons to rent a satellite phone in 2020. Let’s discuss it now.

What is a Satellite Phone?

The satellite phone allows you to get connected with your friends and family. You can make or receive calls, send text messages and access the internet using a satellite phone.

These satellite phones are different from a traditional smartphone. They receive signals from satellites. The functionality of these satellite mobiles may differ according to the brand and user’s requirement. A satellite phone is specially designed to get connected when you’re outdoor where you cannot use a regular mobile phone. A high-standard security and safety features are integrated into the satellite phone. 

Many people are paying attention to the satellite phone. But, the only concern is “Price”. Yes!!! The satellite phone is pretty expensive than a traditional mobile phone. Therefore, most of the people prefer to rent a satellite phone for their usage. If you’ve not yet convinced yourself to rent a satellite phone in 2020, here are a few reasons for you.

Top 5 reasons to rent a satellite phone in 2020

Satellite phone = Safety

Are you concerned about safety and security during your outdoor stay? Renting a satellite phone could be helpful for you.

The satellite phone is the must-have handy gadget when you want to keep in touch with your friends or family during difficult times i.e disasters or emergencies. No matter whether you’re stuck in the earth-quake-prone location, emergency evacuation or facing workplace hazards, the satellite phone is the perfect safety solution for you. A satellite phone will let you connect with your dear one when the emergency situation occurred. It’s no surprise that when natural disasters occur, relying on a traditional mobile or a landline phone can be a foolish idea. Because during the natural disaster there is a high chance of power and internet disconnection. This could take a couple of days or weeks to get repaired.

Stay connected

Satellite phones make it easier for people to stay in touch with their friends and family while away. This could be the perfect handy tool for the one who doesn’t have network convergence outdoors. Similar to the traditional mobile phone, people can send texts, make calls and browse emails through the satellite phone.

Keep a note, you will not receive any social media notifications or alerts, but you can make a call and send text messages with your dear ones to stay connected. This could be the better security feature offered by the satellite phone. Connect with your dear one and let them know how things are going on with you. As you don’t need to worry about power cut and network connectivity. Satellite phones purely depend on satellite signals. Rent a satellite phone and get connected wherever you’re on the globe.

Give a call to government agencies

Don’t panic when emergency situations such as natural disasters or work hazards are taken place. There are police, hospitals, fire departments and government services here to help you during emergency situations.

But, the million-dollar question is how could you connect to these agencies when there is no power or network service. During the emergencies, the telephone service and internet provider will probably go down. At that moment, calling the police or ambulance is highly impossible for you. You’re helpless!!!

No more worries!!! A satellite phone will connect you to government agencies such as police or ambulance service immediately without any issues. Since satellite phones will work perfectly anytime and anywhere.

Reliable network coverage

This could be the happiest news for you. Satellite phones provide wider coverage when compared to a traditional mobile phone.

The satellite phone offers excellent and wider coverage. This feature might be missing on a traditional mobile phone. Unlike the traditional smartphone, the satellite phone offers easy and secure connectivity worldwide. Consider, you’re in a burning house or a commercial building. You’re unable to move away from the building. All the doors and windows are on fire. You’re standing at the corner and looking for help.

At such emergency situations, it’s obvious that electric and mobile signals will stop working. You cannot make calls and ask for help. But updating your status is important to rescue you. With the satellite phone, you can give a call to your friend or other government agency and seek them for assistance. The satellite phone relies on a network of satellites rather than local towers. Hence you can easily connect with the people and help yourself.


A satellite phone is a user-friendly device. People with zero technical knowledge can use the satellite phone without hassles. Sounds amazing right!!! Many people think training is required to use the satellite phone. If you’re one among them, it’s time to change your thoughts.

A satellite phone can be used by anyone for security reasons. With the advancement of technology, the satellite phone is almost designed similar to a traditional mobile phone. Whenever you rent or purchase the satellite mobile phone, a manual is provided along with it. You can easily understand the step-by-step procedure to set-up the satellite phone, how to use it and how to recharge your phone. On the other hand, every important information will be clearly mentioned in the manual, all you need to do is have a look at the guidelines before using the satellite phone. Along with the manual, you can also get accessories such as cables, handset, antennas, mounting solutions and more.


A satellite phone is also called a satphone and satellite telephone. The major difference between the satellite phone and the traditional phone is that satellite phone uses satellite and the traditional phone uses local towers to connect with other mobile devices. Keeping it simple, there is no perfect solution to connect for the people outdoors than the satellite phone. This could be a handy tool especially when the area doesn’t have cell coverage. There are several reasons for one to rent a satellite phone. It includes easy-to-use, safety, security, 24×7 connectivity and a lot more. Whenever you rent a satellite phone don’t forget to check the accessories. Get the satellite phone and thank yourself.

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