5 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Workplace Injury

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 12th December 2020

If you are involved in a workplace accident, many things will be running in your mind. Will you be compensated for the damages caused? How will you cover the medical expenses? What about missed wages? All these questions are mentally draining and can cause unnecessary stress.

Thanks to labor laws, you can hire an attorney to help sort out the challenging personal injury claim procedures as you recover peacefully. If you are still having second thoughts on hiring an attorney, we hope the following reasons will help you make a better choice.

They know the law

You may not appreciate this until the defendant’s lawyer starts bombarding you with legal clauses and Constitutional Acts governing the personal injury claims. With an experienced lawyer like Solnick by your side, they can offer professional legal opinions and points of view to counter the defense’s stand.

Secondly, the law can be interpreted differently. You must have heard of the term ‘proof beyond a reasonable doubt,’ something which the defense (in this case, your employer’s attorney) can swiftly do if you don’t have a professional attorney who can legally challenge them.

They are good negotiators

When pushing for personal injury claims, you can get compensated, but is it the right compensation? You can check this website for help and more info. This is especially crucial when dealing with insurance brokers who will offer you the minimum possible payment if they can’t deny the claim.

Lawyers are natural and professional negotiators. They are the people who negotiate dozens of settlement court cases, making sure they never end up in a courtroom decision. Why not trust them with yours? This, coupled with their understanding of the law, makes them unbeatable from any direction.

Represent you in court

It is common for a personal injury claim to end up in a courtroom. It would help if you always have this in mind when initiating a personal injury claim. When a court judge or magistrate is involved, motions have to be filed together with hundreds of other court procedures that may not be familiar to you. Having a dedicated attorney comes in handy while filing a lawsuit. They will handle the court proceedings on your behalf and let you only attend the necessary sessions. If you need help with your case, you can check Fleming Law, P.C. law office.

They know your rights

Your rights can be easily infringed upon when dealing with defense attorneys who can manipulate your lack of knowledge of the law to access information legally inaccessible to them. The defense cannot manipulate a personal injury claims lawyer in that manner. Additionally, your boss can mistreat you for filing a personal injury claim. Should you be demoted, get a salary cut, or denied special privileges after demanding injury compensation from your boss? Legally speaking, no. However, you should expect such a reaction, and if there is one, you should seek advice from your lawyer.

They give you peace of mind

An accident, regardless of intensity, can be traumatizing. Adding personal injury claims procedures makes it even worse. However, hiring a lawyer offsets the responsibility of handling cumbersome processes giving you enough time to attain full recovery.


Filing a personal injury claim is tedious and stressful for anybody recovering from an accident. Having a personal injury attorney goes a long way in ensuring that you get a deserved compensation.

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