5 Reasons Your Startup Should Pay Attention To Copywriting

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 2nd June 2021

When creating a plan to help a startup take off the ground, it’s quite possible copywriting isn’t in every entrepreneur’s initial business strategy. However, as a business owner yourself, you mustn’t disregard having copywriting as part of your business plans. It’s said to be an excellent way to introduce a new brand and create awareness in an oversaturated market.  Also, it can have a significant impact on how your business attracts and retains its customers.

Copywriting is one of those marketing tools that can reach and influence your audience without screaming ‘marketing.’

What Is Copywriting

Also called sales copy, copywriting involves writing content meant to help to create brand awareness and promote products or services to possibly influence sales outcomes. It can be in the form of e-books, blog posts, emails, product descriptions, ads, web copies, and more.

Looking to launch your venture soon? Here are five reasons why startups like yours shouldn’t ignore copywriting and its importance in being included in a well-thought-out business plan. 

  1. Great Copy Can Help Introduce You To Your Target Audience

Being that your business is a startup, your business profile isn’t as extensive as those that came before you. Additionally, there may not be much to tell your audience initially. That’s why you need a proper introduction to the market. 

Start by having relevant and catchy content on your official site. The page your visitors will probably visit after the homepage is the About Us page. Ensure it contains simple, factual, and straightforward information about your business. It’s your one opportunity to give an introduction and to let your audience know why it’d benefit them to do business with you. This recommended reading shows you how to create excellent content for your audience.

  1. It Helps To Inform Your Customers Of Your Products

Your intended customers need to know what your startup offers. Therefore, you should strive to give them as much significant information as possible. This includes your product, how to use it, and why your customers shouldn’t look for other similar products present in the market. 

This form of copywriting is called product description. It should be compelling enough to make a shopper want to purchase the product. A good product description should tell the customer the following consequential details:

  • Who the product is for;
  • The product’s basic details such as the size, features, and functions;
  • Where the product is used like at home, car, outdoor, and others; and,
  • How the product works.

These pieces of information are likely to cause customers to want to test the product for themselves if it fits their needs.

  1. Proper Use Of Copywriting Aids In Engaging Your Customers

Once you know and have identified your audience, the next step to do is to communicate with them directly and effectively. This includes your choice of words. You need to use the correct language to make copywriting not only informative but engaging too. Instead of using complex technical terms, try a language that customers won’t struggle to understand. 

If you use ‘expert’ terms to describe your business and products, your audience may find it boring and difficult to understand. Engaged customers will be intrigued, prompting them to buy your products and spread the word while they’re at it. Communicate while letting them know what’s in it for them. This helps the audience to relate their situation to the possible solution your startup offers.

  1. Copywriting Can Be An Effective Persuasion Tool 

One thing that good copywriting can effectively do is persuade customers to act. Whether it’s in your product descriptions, web copy, or informative blog, ensure to include a Call-To-Action or CTA. This is a simple and clear language you use to provoke your audience to do something that you want. Always ensure that the language you use fits into the context of the content.

However, after the CTA, ensure that your audience knows exactly where to go next. You can have an excellent CTA, but the customer gets lost while trying to buy or contact you for further information. The labels for taking the actual action or contacting your business should be direct. They should be attention-grabbing and placed conspicuously so that no one misses them.

  1. You Can Build Customer Loyalty

The four reasons above, if done right, will help you build trust and loyalty amongst your clients. One thing that an audience wants from you is to be sure they aren’t being ripped off. If you consistently give valuable and accurate written content, customers will soon believe in you and stick with what you’re offering. If they discover that you’ve misrepresented the truth, they won’t return which can undoubtedly harm your startup’s reputation and financial standing.

Your business will end up with bad reviews and will plummet to the bottom of the pack. With many startups competing for the same customers, this is a mistake that can be too costly for you. It’s believed that copywriting should attract, not repel, customers. If done right, it can do wonders for your budding business’ progress. 

Making The Most Out Of Copywriting

The ultimate objective of a business is to make sales and profit. The purpose of copywriting is to support that objective. It can help you create, increase and maintain your hold in the market.

Now you have the reasons why you should incorporate copywriting in your startup. The next step is to get on with creating factual, informative, engaging, and persuasive content. 

With each word you write, ensure that you focus on the customer and not yourself. If your products actually provide proven benefits, exploit that to the maximum.

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