5 Simple tips for building your brand with product &  packaging design

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 31st October 2019

Want to stand out from the crowd!!! Of course, it’s a dream for every entrepreneur. 

Providing quality products and services to your customers is important to stay ahead of your competitors. In this competitive world, customers are expecting more from a company – product quality, packaging design, delivery options and more. Therefore, companies are paying more attention to satisfying their customer. Product custom packaging is one among them.

Custom product packaging and design play a key role in customers satisfaction. If you want to generate better results, then stop underestimating the power of custom product packaging. For a small business, custom product design can be expensive. But a premium box with customized design can be a smart investment. In the e-commerce industry, your product packaging should convince a customer to place an order with your brand. Also, encourage your customers to share the product on their social media.

Small and large business owners are focusing on product packaging. Perfect packaging bags can keep your products well-organized. Product packaging is defined as designing the exterior of a product. It includes colour, font, brand name, material, visuals and more. These should be organized in a perfect way because they are used while wrapping the product.

Product packaging should never prevent your customers from purchasing. If you want to get this right, there are few simple tips for building your brand with product packaging design.

Make an early start

Planning is the key to any business. Planning product designing in the early stage of product development is crucial. Draft your ideas on a paper and get a visual representation of the product that you would like to watch at the end. Your job is not just done after drafting the ideas, start comparing your packaging design with competitors. If you’re looking for packaging design ideas, then have a look at Mitchel Lincoln, it is a one-stop destination to packaging boxes, containers and more. Packaging can differ with respect to the product category. 

Keep it simple

Less is more!!! Don’t you agree? Yes!!! It sounds amazing to be creative while designing product packaging, but make sure you don’t overload everything. Few businesses override everything on the packaging. This process may result in a negative impact. Your product packaging and label should be simple and clear. Also, provide relevant information about the product on the package. Therefore, make sure the product packaging should only use necessary things, nothing more than that. Also, the product material should be easy-to-carry and preserve the product from damage or breakage. 

Packaging materials

Think twice or thrice while choosing the material for packaging. You should take extra care to attract your customers. A quality material allows for protection, freshness and also attracts your customer’s attention. Also, choose a flexible design that impacts your brand promotions. Take extra care of the space on the packaging to promote your brand with logo, tagline or company information.

Have you ever heard about secondary packaging? No!!! Secondary packaging is referred to as an outer packaging material. Basically, it is used for extra protection while product transporting from one place to another. Secondary packaging is also important, it can reduce transportation and storage cost.

Make it usable

Nothing is as beneficial as making the packaging reusable. Sounds amazing right!!! Product packaging can help the product memorable. If the customer feels packaging as reusable material, there are huge chances for customers to purchase again.

Cadbury Gems Ball. It looks colourful outside and chocolates inside. Once the kid finish easting gems, the kid start playing with that ball. Kids buy frequently this type of products. Not only kids, adults like to get benefited doubled. By making a product packaging reusable, you can effectively attract customers by offering them double benefits.

Keep it transparent

“Transparency is the key to quality”. Transparency has become one of the top priorities for all businesses. Innovate your packaging design in a transparent manner, customer can easily look at the product from outside. This way, you can win the customers heart. As per the analysis, 94% of customers opt for brands that provide transparency. 

Be transparent and let your product be visible. Transparent packaging plays an important role in customer buying decisions. When business reveals every information, there is nothing to hide. Ultimately these businesses can gain trust in the market. It plays a huge part in influencing their decision.

For example chips, instead of packing in an illustration, you can pack it in a transparent sheet. Show the customers a sight of real chips inside.


Product packaging is the key aspects of marketing. There are days where product packaging was nothing more than cans or containers and labels are used to display the product information such as price, manufacture date, expiry date and ingredients. As marketing is evolving, implementing the latest techniques on product design came into existence. Companies are packaging their product with high-quality design and material to attract customers.

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