5 sites to help you become an expert in Instagram marketing Automation

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 20th March 2020

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the go-to social media network for any business interested in targeting millennials and younger demographics. One more interesting statistic on Instagram is that the “Like” button is hit more than 4 billion times per day. That’s a high engagement level.

Is your social media marketing bringing less than desired results? Or are you looking to improve your social marketing knowledge? Here are five sites and blogs to help you become an expert on Instagram marketing and automation.

1. Hootsuite‘s social blog posts section


What is Hootsuite? You probably know that Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools today. With it, you can manage all your social accounts from one place. It is used by some of the biggest companies in the world, such as GE or Melia Hotels International.

Hootsuite’s best feature is its ability to schedule social posts so that all team members can view, modify, and approve them. However, the focus isn’t on the actual tool, but on its blog resources. Here you can find many posts with statistics, ideas, and tools for managing and improving campaigns on social media. One of their best posts is the one on Instagram best practices. You can use its content like a checklist for your accounts, such as setting goals or creating a content calendar.

2. Jarvee‘s blog section


Another social media management tool, similar to Hootsuite, is Jarvee. This social management tool helps you automate your accounts so you can spend less time on the repetitive tasks and focus on actually creating outstanding content for your campaigns.

Their blog section, similar to Hootsuite’s one, is a gold treasure if you are looking to boost your social engagement, generate sales, or reach a wider audience. Not only they show how you can use their tool, but they also have posts on how to use any aspect of social media, such as paid advertising.

These two blogs should be on a must-read list for any marketer focused on performance and optimization.

3. AdEspresso


This is a fantastic resource! Hootsuite acquired AdEspresso, but their content creation (still seems) independent from their parent company (and probably will continue to be so). This blog started with a focus on Facebook Ads, but it’s now a comprehensive guide entirely on everything social-related.

Most of their content is geared towards paid ads (both for social and search), but their content is full of hidden gems. Even if you don’t do paid ads for your campaigns, most of their research and findings (they run a lot of experiments) will help you improve your knowledge and help you tweak your campaigns to improve their performance. For example, one of their latest posts focuses on how to build an e-commerce ads campaign. Even if they show how to make a paid campaign, you can transfer this info and adapt it to an organic campaign.

4. BestProxyProviders‘ blog section


This is probably a surprise for many. Why should a review website be part of this blog list? Their blog section has several tutorials and things to consider for any marketer looking to increase his audiences and scale their social media operation by developing and managing multiple campaigns. One of their most comprehensive posts is the one on Instagram guide, in which you can learn everything there is to know about scaling social marketing campaigns.

Probably not all social media marketers know how to use such tools, but one thing to remember is that they are easy to setup in a browser or social media app (like Jarvee). And there are countless tutorials on YouTube that can teach you how to use them.

5. Social Media Examiner

Who doesn’t love the little safari explorer? Social Media Examiner is one of the ultimate resources a marketer can access to learn and stay up to date on everything social-related.

Besides their industry report, another great section that you can browse is their weekly news category. Moreover, what started as a blog, now has turned into a marketing knowledge-sharing platform. Their latest addition to the platform is Society – a community for social media marketers looking for finding like-minded people.

Notable mention – Socially Sorted

Socially Sorted is an excellent resource for inspiration, ideas, tips, and tricks on how to create visual content for social media. Couple this Australian blog ideas with a tool like Canva (also from Australia) and you can easily differentiate your campaigns and make them stand out in your industry. It seems that Australians have a way with digital design.

The list is not complete

While these six blogs (five in the list and one notable mention) are great resources for any social media marketer, the list is not complete. There are other blogs and sites out there publishing great content. Which ones do you read regularly? Drop a comment below with the social media blogs you like and read.

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