5 Things to Consider Before Paying for Identity Theft Protection

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 4th April 2021

With increased technology, identity theft is becoming prevalent as people continue using intelligent devices over the internet and giving out a lot of their information. Even as digital security companies work tirelessly to protect individuals’ data from hackers and fraudsters, identity thieves are also at it, devising cleverer methods and techniques to continue stealing vulnerable users’ information. These thieves can mess up your life significantly. They can easily drain your bank accounts, use your identity to commit crimes, or sell your data to the dark web for clandestine activities. Risky as it is, there is still hope as there also numerous identity theft protection companies that you can contract to protect your information. Here is a list of top identity theft services that you should consider.

Before you decide which identity theft protection company to use, here are five things that you need to consider.

Services the Company Provides

You must understand the services the company you choose provides. Most companies are supposed to provide essential services that include consistent monitoring of your credit card for fraud. While some are just limited to these services, some go a notch higher to monitor your public records, the internet, and commercial databases to identify any clues of your data’s fraudulent use. In addition to checking this, they should also advise you on what to do if they identify such use. The more services you get, the better since you get a broader picture of any risks that may be lurking. Though no company will assure you of full protection, you must understand the frequency with which they monitor your data and the timeliness with which they notify you to take appropriate security measures.

Take Note of False Security Claims

There are so many identity theft security companies around. All of these companies are clamoring to get you on board as their client. Due to intense competition, some companies use tricky methods to get clients to subscribe to their services. Some go as far as issuing false security claims. When selecting the company to protect your data with, be careful of companies that present false claims trying to get your business. An established security company will simply present to you a list of services and how they intend to deliver to you and then let you make an informed decision.

Avoid Scare Tactics

Even though your data is constantly at risk of getting stolen, it is not a must that it happens if you take simple security measures seriously. Identity thieves take advantage of people’s carelessness and greed. Most will simply try to trick you into providing your information to them. If you stay alert, you will easily evade these tricks. Even then, you are responsible for only up to $50 in case your credit card gets fraudulent charges if you report immediately. So, there is not as much to be afraid of. If you encounter a company that scares you to take security measures, then that agency is most likely a fraud. You should avoid it.

Read Terms and Conditions

Before you commit your funds, make sure you read the terms and conditions of the service you intend to pay for. Let the company make it clear what they are going to charge you. They should also clarify the services they are to provide and if they will be any additional fees and penalties. You can test a company’s services through their ‘free trial’ versions but take note of the cancellation period before they start charging you. Some companies will entice you with free basic services and then attempt to convince you to pay for advanced features.  Ensure that you fully understand their basic services and inquire as much as you can about their advanced features before committing your funds. Additionally, check for the cancellation and refund terms just if you are not satisfied with the services you get and need to look for an alternative.

Check Out Privacy Policy

You will have to give the company you choose a lot of personal information for them to offer you protection against data theft. Without such information, the company might not be able to provide adequate monitoring services. Some companies tend to take advantage of the access you give them, and use your information to market other services to you or share it with other related companies. The agency you contract must clarify what they intend to do with your personal information and how they safeguard it. Go for a company that gives you full control of your data and always seeks permission before using it. 

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