5 ways phone answering services can benefit businesses

by Josh Biggs in Business on 24th January 2020

Technical advancements and breakthrough innovations are responsive for the paradigm shift happening across the industry verticals and business functions. Digital disruption and automation, unarguably, are leading the way. In recent years, there has been a shift from conventional systems to automated systems throughout the industrial ecosystem and the customer service industry is no exception. Though automated services are benefiting businesses substantially, when it comes to the customer service space, a one-to-one conversation can’t entirely be replaced with automated call answering services.

While interacting with prospects and customers, first impressions matter a lot. Truly, you might not get a second chance at securing the first impression with the intended audience. With businesses striving to deliver a unique and seamless customer experience, customers are being quite particular about the credibility of businesses. To ensure a consistent, professional call decorum, a phone answering service is your business’s best option – a cost-effective, efficient way to enhance brand image and credibility.

Here are the 5 ways phone answering services can benefit businesses.

Cost-effective Solution

ROI and profit margins are major concerns for businesses irrespective of their industry, size and dynamics. Having a huge workforce to manage the customer call answering operations may incur a huge amount of staffing and resources costs, and this is not financially viable. Leveraging a phone answering service can prove instrumental for businesses in saving such operational and overhead costs. In such scenarios, a phone answering service can offer an effective and affordable solution based on the business requirement. And, what more? It can be customized and hired for a selected duration.

Maximizing ROI is imperative for businesses. While businesses might invest substantially in their marketing and promotion efforts, the lack of the professional touch while taking up a sales or inquiry-related call may entirely you’re your marketing and brand building efforts.

Collaborating with agencies that provide cost-effective phone answering solutions is crucial. Businesses can bank on the experts to take care of their existing customer base, enhance customer engagement rate by offering quick and robust solutions. Telephone answering services can go the extra mile in earning your business qualified and sales-ready leads.

Improve Employee Productivity

The ringing telephones in the background can be a huge distraction. Though communication with clients, customers and prospects is vital for business success, it is regarded as one of the prominent workplace distractions as impacts employee productivity, eventually. Too many phone calls may interrupt the workflow, waste time, break the work momentum. It is often observed that employees need time to regroup and resume their workflow after the completion of calls. A phone answering service is the absolute solution to cater to these challenges. They help businesses and their employees get more work done in a lesser timeframe, boosting productivity and profitability.

Effective Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the critical success factors and a challenge as well. At times, it might get cumbersome to keep up with the number of phone calls businesses receive on a daily basis.  Each missed phone call is a missed business opportunity. And, studies have cited that 85% of customers won’t call you back if you don’t answer the phone. If you don’t value your customers’ time, there are enough competitors out there to snatch away your customers and prospects.

However, the advanced phone answering services can capture the exact information you want from your potential customers and instantly deliver it to your inbox and/or place it into your CRM. Even better – an answering service can take your calls whenever you want.

Appoint Schedule Management

Managing appointments can be a challenge that many businesses are countering as they grow and scale. Without the right staff with the requisite skills, training, right technology, it can lead to gaps in expectation and reality. Poor management of appointment schedules is not good for a business’s credibility and reputation. Seeking professional phone answering services can enable businesses to combat these challenges.

Improve Brand Image and Reputation

Reputation management is a crucial part of business management as it can make or break it. Customers’ perception of your business is vital, otherwise, even if you claim that customer service is a pillar of your business, it won’t be helpful. Having phone answering services at place will ensure that your business sound established, professional along with a touch of sophistication to your customers. Besides, you can also record the outgoing message, ensuring it reflects the level of professionalism you demand.

Some of the additional benefits of Phone Answering Services are

·       Flexibility in Scripting: Businesses have the flexibility to align their customer call script according to their brand image and persona.

·       Round-the-clock Availability: Businesses can leverage phone answering services that are operational 24/7. This way, they can cater to a wider customer base, answer their queries or assist them in solving their challenges. Being available at the time your customers need it and never say no to customers have been the business mantra for decades and phone marketing services are making it happen, rather efficiently and seamlessly.

Here are some reasons why you should partner with Expert Callers for effective phone answering services.

·       Up-time of 99.5% to provide uninterrupted support

·       Average call handling within 1.43 rings

·       CTQ parameters strictly followed

·       Operational scalability to meet seasonal uplift or spike in sales

·       Complete flexibility

·       24 x 7 multi-lingual support

·       ISO 27001 certified and PCI compliant

·       Response to phone calls is made instantly, zero wait time

·       Effective call management techniques

·       Seamlessly integrated technology

·       Highly cost-effective services

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