5 Ways to Increase Productivity for Construction Projects

by Josh Biggs in Business on 21st September 2020

When you want to increase the speed of a construction project, how do you make sure that it happens quickly and is highly accurate? These five tips will help you do so to impress your clients and boost your reputation.

  1. Being a good leader involves listening

Rather than simply communicating with workers, make sure that you listen to them. They are the ones who work on the site and understand what is involved in processes. 

If they come up to you and say that they don’t think your goals make sense, then listen to them. Otherwise, you might end up telling your client one thing and not getting the results done on time. Find what works well for your crew and fits with the client’s expectations too.

  1. Keep track of materials

Rather than assuming the initial buy covered all construction material costs, keep an eye on what is used so that you don’t risk running out. If that unfortunate scenario happens, then your project timeline will obviously be delayed, and that reduces productivity.

Thus, keep track of how much materials are left and do so at regular intervals throughout the project. When you see them running low, be proactive and order them in advance in case it takes a while for them to reach you.

  1. Communicate your goals

Do you find yourself getting upset that workers are not meeting deadlines? Take a step back and ask yourself whether you communicated the project’s goals clearly to them or not. 

If you haven’t explained timelines or objectives for the project at the construction site to them, then how can you expect them to be productive? They need your direction and telling them these details will get them there.

  1. Use technology

While a lot of the worker’s day on a construction project involves manual labor, it’s not all about being offline when it comes to getting projects done. With construction project management software, for example, you can effectively track the project.

Consider using mobile software to increase productivity, accountability, and more. A cloud-based solution can easily connect the site with the office and issue updates in real-time.

  1. Provide time off

While it might seem counterintuitive, but giving workers time off can boost productivity over time. Construction is a tough gig on the body; it is physically exhausting if there are few breaks from it. 

Thus, if you see that an employee has been powering through the past month, then give them a few days off. They will appreciate that you value them and will return to the site with renewed energy.

Increasing labor productivity

On-the-job efficiency and productivity are things that everyone can work on improving over time. As you start to put the above suggestions into practice, you will find that they become easier to implement without disrupting your team’s workday.

By improving output and getting projects done in less time than before, you can impress clients, win more jobs, and win the approval of your team too. Good things are ahead!

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