5 Ways To Launch Your Startup With Live Video

by Josh Biggs in Startup on 6th August 2019

The launch of a startup is an exciting time for all involved, celebrating the hard work and time invested in getting to this point. Now you need to establish a loyal following and create ways for the audience to become engaged with your brand. Here are five easy ways to launch your startup with live video.

  1. Share Live Events

Video streaming lets you share company events with your audience, making them more connected with your brand. Show them different things happening by walking around the event and sharing what’s happening. Ask viewers what they want to see and whom they’d like to meet, then work to make that happen.

Remember to monitor comments and address them when possible. It’s important to not just show the event but to make sure your audience feels a part of it. Give away door prizes and create a way viewers can be entered to win, too.

  1. Host Interviews

Live-streamed interviews are a great way to introduce the people who make up your company while adding a personal touch to your brand. Mix up your “video card” by interviewing all levels of employees in your company. From the president or owner of the business all the way to customer service technicians, letting your audience feel like they are getting to know every department of your company.

Don’t make selling the focus of your interview; instead provide your audience with fresh content while keeping the overall mission or purpose of your company a part of the live stream. Invite viewers to ask questions, giving the interviewee a chance to interact with them.

  1. Show How You Create a Product

Live streaming is a great way to let your customers see what goes into creating your products and services. Walk them through the creation of products from initial concept to product completion or show them the different departments that play a role in delivering your service. Customers generally only see end results, so allowing them to see what goes on in the middle will likely increase brand engagement.

  1. Conduct Training

Most people enjoy learning new things, especially when the topic interests them. Live video provides a new and exciting way for you to educate your audience, with 70% of YouTube viewers looking to video for help with a problem they are experiencing with a job, studies, or hobby.

Live streaming provides a unique opportunity to walk your viewers step-by-step through a process, giving them a visual guide to follow. You can also use live video to open up a discussion about the process, letting the audience ask specific questions they may have.

  1. Host Q & A Sessions

Q & A sessions are a great way to connect with your audience and provide them an opportunity to voice their concerns or ask about areas of interest. Selecting a topic generally increases engagement while allowing you to filter questions and select the most interesting ones. Acknowledging relevant questions by mentioning the name of the viewer asking is another excellent way to increase engagement.

With industry experts predicting video making up 82% of all internet traffic from consumers by 2021, live streaming is a tool you need to include in your marketing strategy.

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