5 Ways To Protect Your Business Property From Theft

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 16th July 2021

There’s no doubt that you’ve really worked hard to create your business empire. You’ve made tough decisions and sacrifices along the way to make your business a successful one. One of the most critical aspects that determine a business’s success is the number and value of assets or properties it owns. Owning a property is crucial because it can act as security when looking to finance your business through loans. 

Although most business owners understand the importance of owning properties, sometimes, they might get excited about the success of their businesses and might end forgetting about protecting their properties.  And, before they can realize, all their valued properties are gone with thieves and other criminals. With business properties theft cases being reported every day, it’s your responsibility as a business owner to implement strategies that can help protect your properties

This article explains five simple yet effective security measures that can help protect your business properties from theft. Read on to get enlightened.

  1. Install Closed-Circuit Television Cameras (CCTVs)

One of the best and most effective ways to protect your business property is by ensuring you have CCTVs in place. CCTVs are helpful because they can provide you with video surveillance of what’s happening in and around your business premises. Even when you’re not there, you can keep your CCTVs running, and you can later review them to see what went on when you’re not around.

One advantage of installing CCTVs is that they can discourage thieves from stealing from your business because they know that you’re watching them. Also, if a theft happens, you can replay your cameras to see who’s behind the robbery. This helps you trace the thief and the stolen property. 

  1. Lock Doors And Entrances

Many business properties theft cases happen during the night. Although you might’ve installed CCTVs or hired night security guards, you may still want to ensure all your properties are well locked in a safe place. One of the best places to lock your property is the shipping container safety lock. This container is hard to be broken by thieves.

Also, ensure all the entrances, including doors and windows, are locked. This ensures no unauthorized person gets access to your business property.

  1. Keep Track Of Keys

Apart from protecting your business property from outside thieves, you need to be aware of internal criminals. Internal employees can also pose a great risk to your business. This becomes even easier because internal employees know all corners of your business, including where you keep your properties.

So, some employees can take advantage of that to exploit your business. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that employees return all keys given to them before they leave for home. This prevents them from coming back when you’re not there and stealing from you. It also helps reduce the chances of your staff colluding with external thieves. 

Another way to effectively protect your properties is by limiting the number of people who can have keys or access your valued properties. Also, you can consider installing an access control system to limit the number of people who can have access to a particular area. 

  1. Install Alarm Systems

Another effective way to help protect your business from theft is by installing alarm systems. When thieves become aware that you’ve installed alarm systems, they might be scared of accessing your property. And, if they manage to enter your business premises, you can be notified by the alarm system. This allows you to take the necessary actions before they can escape with your business property. 

The best thing about alarm systems is that they aren’t expensive to install. So, whether you operate a small, medium-sized, or big business, you can always afford to install them. Another benefit of alarm systems is that you can control and monitor them from the comfort of your home using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. 

  1. Insure Your Business Property Against Theft

No matter what measures you implement, thieves can sometimes overcome you and manage to steal from you. If that’s the case, you may want to have a strategy in place to ensure you can be compensated for the lost items.

Compensation can be possible if you’ve insured your business properties against theft. When signing for an insurance policy, go for the one that can cover your property against internal and external theft at lower prices.


While many other factors can lead to your business failure, property theft can have a long negative impact on your business. This is because some of them are expensive, and replacing them might not be possible. That’s why protecting your business property is essential. To ensure your business property is safe, take measures, such as installing CCTVs and alarm systems, keeping track of your keys, and, most importantly, insuring your business property.

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