5 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone

by Josh Biggs in Mobile on 5th October 2021

If you want your phone to last and work, you should protect it. After all, you hold it in your hands most of the day and certainly use it for much more than texting and making calls.

Once your phone is unboxed, the game of what could happen to it begins. You certainly do not want to spend a fortune on repairs just a few weeks after buying it. That’s why we have put together a list of tips that will help you keep your phone in pristine condition. You no longer have to buy a new phone just because you have to, rather than because you want to. Let’s get to it!

First Step: A Screen Protect

If you are buying a new phone, you need a screen protector asap! And even better if you get one prior to laying your hands on your new device. That way, you can apply it just a few seconds after you buy it. And we are not kidding, you have probably seen the videos of excited kids, hard floors, and broken screens…

Your phone’s screen is the most vulnerable part of the device, and you should never leave it uncovered. All that reinforced glass will shatter as soon as it hits some pebble the wrong way, just like your screen will so get yourself a screen protector! A good measure to take once you have replaced your screen, is to spend a couple extra bucks on a good tempered glass screen protector, and a case.

Next Step: A Protective Phone Case

The second item that should be in your cart, along with the screen protector, is a protective case for your phone. The edges and back of your device also deserve to be protected in a snug case. It’s worth buying the perfect phone case with raised edges to provide extra protection for the screen and camera because, as we mentioned earlier, your screen needs all the help it can get. And since the market for phone cases is growing just like the market for phones, you will find the best companion for your phone with ease!

Third Step: Get a Grip!

We do not want to sound smug, but the best way to keep your phone intact is actually by not dropping it. But let’s be honest, no one drops their phone on purpose unless you are in the business of being a tech critic, which in this case might be your job. But if you are a simple cell phone owner, you should get a ring holder because it makes it much easier to hold your phone in your hand. These phones are not getting any smaller, and if handling them with two hands is too much, a ring holder is the best option.

Fourth Step: Avoid Extreme Conditions

Even if you keep your phone intact, it is worth remembering that those internal components and battery can also be easily destroyed, especially if the phone is left in too hot or too cold conditions. Your phone may look perfectly fine, but the battery should still last a few hours, even if you have had it for a year. Plus, sudden temperature changes can be even worse. So keep your phone away from the dry sauna as well. Finding an iPhone care center near you that can offer a comprehensive diagnostic service is key.

Fifth and Final Step: Self Protection

Think about your phone and do not keep it in a bag with keys or work tools because that would certainly scratch your phone in a matter of minutes. We also advise you not to keep your phone in your back pocket because you might forget about it, and once you sit down, it might break, and if not, slight bending of the frame can mean the untimely death of your phone in just a few months. Oh, and keep it away from kids – those little people love to play with phones and throw things around, so 2 plus 2 means your phone is out of luck.

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