6 Proven Ways to Increase Your Sales and Conversion

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 19th October 2020

All businesses enter the field with a dream of big sales and even bigger conversion rates. But a blooming business needs to employ some techniques, strategies and adopt a few ways to reach their goals.

Despite the fact that not all success stories are the same, specific trends and patterns can be seen in the marketing and business industry. As these trends are thoroughly considered, what emerges is a set of fool-proof and proven ways to increase sales and conversion rates. 

If you, too, are looking for the best, never failing techniques to take your business to the heights, read on and find the best approaches towards your business that will ensure not a single idle day for your sales team!

Take business online

Even if you have a conventional brick and mortar store, an online store and crucially an online presence is going to increase your trustworthiness with the audience. Your online presence allows interested customers to quickly go through your products and see the reviews that you have harnessed with your services. They can also get details about your customer care, and also allows them to access your physical store more efficiently. 

Also, if you are yet a small business and only have regional stores, an online business or presence helps you create a demand in outlying areas. You can quickly increase customer demand, sell online, and then expand stores as the brand grows. 

Hence, this helps in increasing sales and conversion rates in more than a single way. 

Raise awareness

What is the one point that is common in all majorly successful brands? They are widely known to the masses. Product awareness or brand recognition is a step that takes you closer to your customers. 

So, to bring your brand upfront with the crowd, begin with:

Blogging: A thought leader always leads the industry. If you, too, want to create a brand name that is synonymous with your targeted industry, begin practicing thought leadership. Curate one-in-a-kind content that will surely attract the right audience and, most importantly, become a reliable source of information. 

As people look forward to hearing, reading, and viewing what you have to say, your brand’s sales will start doing better than ever. 

Engage with your audience

The point simply cannot be stressed enough. It is a well-known fact that customers love to interact with brands that they prefer. They like knowing what is going to come, they prefer having a say in what products are beneficial, and most importantly, they have a keen interest in what is going on at the backstage of brands. 

If you have a dedicated audience, engage, interact, and ask them questions, entertaining all their queries and interests.

Forms: What better way to interact with your audience than coming up with short, precise, yet thorough forms to encourage them to have a say? With the help of an online form builder, you can create the most insightful, wise, and thoughtful quizzes, forms, and surveys, as well as better analyse your clients. As you collect information regarding customer trends, the audience, too, gets to have a say!

AidaForm is a one-stop place to build your survey or even set up order form templates for secure and easy online orders! They help increase your sales by integrating with fast, secure payment services and customizing your order form as per your customers’ needs. All you need to do is get your order form template, customize, preview, and publish!

Social networking 

Social media and social networking are not only just to connect with your friends anymore. It is a reliable source for your audience to check your credibility and even make decisions based upon how they perceive your profiles. 

Be distinct with your logo, post regularly, and be active. Publishing the right content helps your audience feel more connected to you. You can link your social media to your other websites and social profiles to provide a well-connected front, which will undoubtedly increase reliability. 

You can also use social media to increase traffic to your websites and online stores. Additionally, use it to promote season deals and discounts with compelling calls of action that will quickly enhance your sales.  


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is usually used by bloggers and websites to increase their revenue. But the advertisers, too, benefit from this as interested visitors click on the ad. They are taken to the advertising website’s landing page from where the visitors’ interest can be cultivated.

Hence, you can place your ads on websites that are doing exceptionally well on search engines. You only need to pay as an interested visitor clicks on the ad and visits you. From here, cultivate the probable lead as deemed fit for individual customer inclinations. 

This is an incredibly well-working step for increasing your conversion rates by a significant value. 

Email marketing

Email marketing might be a component of engaging with an interested audience. Still, more importantly, it is a step to cultivate the interest of the customers that are already at the preference stage in your sales funnel.

Despite the increase of social media interactions, emails are still the most commonly used media for business to customer (B2C) communication channels. With your emails, you can regularly send your leads a fair amount of carefully curated and personalized content, newsletters, and other material that might get their attention. 

You can also provide them free goods or services such as eBooks, free trial periods, and special offers. Good discount deals will surely make them try your products and see your innovative services are appreciated. 

Remember that email marketing only needs to be done when an interested lead knowingly provides your his/her email address. A consenting audience for emails is much more profitable when converted into customers. 

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