6 Reasons Why You Need a Project Management Tool

by Josh Biggs in Software, Tech on 11th November 2022

Are you still wasting your time, energy and money on manual data collection and repetitive tasks? Automating your manual tasks will save you time, effort, and money. As your team juggles managing multiple projects simultaneously, there is a high chance of things getting mismanaged. Well, after humans intervention, not all time guarantees an error-free final product. From planning to running, there are many tasks involved in project management. Having a project management solution will help your team in managing the planning and running of projects more efficiently. 

With technology evolution, more businesses are benefitting from tools and softwares that help them in improving their work efficiency. In recent times, people are looking for project management tools that centralize collaboration, workload management and streamline processes. There are tons of project management tools in the market that can be easily integrated with your existing software. Primetric is one such tool that brings every part of your business under one roof. Yes! From resource planning to project portfolio management, you can manage things easily. This comprehensive resource planning tool can be easily integrated with Jira, visit their website to see how to manage resources in Jira

Project management is collaborative work that needs good communication within your team. One wrong step can trigger a domino effect and delay the project delivery. Even if you think that everything is under control and have considered all possible scenarios you can never be 100% sure that something unforeseen issue can derail your project. 

Still not convinced? Want to know more reasons why your business needs a project management tool? Stick till the end of the article.

Makes project planning simpler

Not all projects your organization handles are similar, each of them has a different structure, size, and scale, so planning them can be extremely excruciating. With a project management tool, you can easily plan all your projects as they chalk out a feasible plan based on your resources. Project management tools are equipped with AI that accurately predicts when a project will be finished by taking into consideration factors such as scope, schedule, and cost. With these tools, there is no guesswork involved in the estimations, it automatically allocates the best resources available to each project.

Improves team collaboration

A project is not handled by a single person, so naturally, it is highly important to have collaboration within the team to successfully deliver the project. Most of the project management tools are built with the intention to enhance team collaboration. In a team different individual handles different tasks related to the project, and for successful and on-time delivery of the project, all these people should have all the resources they need at their disposal. With project management tools, the team can discuss timelines, tasks, pending work, necessary files etc in one single platform. They dont have to juggle between multiple applications to get the job done. This way their productivity and efficiency will also increase by 10X. The major benefit of using a project management tool is that all the members of the team are in the loop, knows their and their teammate’s tasks, and have a clear understanding of the priorities. This helps everyone focus better and  reduces the need for re-work. 

Improved customer satisfaction

Another reason why the organization prefer project management softwares are because they enhance customer satisfaction. When a project is done within the client’s budget and delivered on time don’t you think a client will be satisfied with it? This means that a satisfied client will be coming back to give you more business. Combining project management strategies with a project management tool will improve your delivery speed, and success rate, and helps you in improving your business.

Enhances resource management

One of the vital elements of a project management team is resource management. As part of project management, you will be needed to track and allocate resources daily. Project management software can help you with resource management by utilizing its features. The project managers can easily calculate expenditures, distribute skilled labour, and schedule with the project management tool.

Organize Project data

If your organization is handling multiple projects simultaneously, it can become hard to gather project data. With a project management tool, you dont have to worry about this as the tool will safely centralize the project data making it easy for you to find data related to all your projects in a single space. As your team can make updates and work on documents in real time you will not be missing data ever again. You dont have to juggle between emails and individual chat threads to find all the data related to your projects. Your project management tool will become a platform that centralizes and organizes all your project data.

Risk identification

Dont you think many pitfalls can be avoided if you can foresee the risks associated with the project? A project management tool actively gathers all the bits and pieces of information to provide you with a bigger picture of your project. Insights, reports, and all the other sorts of data make it easier for you to find the mistakes and take necessary actions to avoid them if needed. Not only issues you can also easily find opportunities that can help you with the project. The project management tools will help in visualizing your strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. Having a big picture truly helps as you can analyze, understand, and prepare contingency plans if necessary.

In a nutshell

A project management tool truly makes life easy for project managers and employees. They come with interesting features that will improve the project management process of your organization. Handling tasks manually can be exhausting, tedious, and time-consuming, but with tools, you don’t have to worry about handling such tasks and focus your time on more important places. From document sharing to deadline tracking, there is nothing that project management tools cannot perform. However, remember that before choosing a project management tool make sure that it matches your organization’s requirements.

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