6 Things To Consider When Finding A Manufacturing Partner

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 23rd June 2021

Manufacturers are essential partners in any business dealing with the provision of products. They are the ones who determine whether your product can meet customers’ demands or not. So, the way you choose your manufacturer plays a big role in the success of your business. 

To find the right supplier that meets your business needs, you have to clearly understand your business objectives and what you want your business to achieve. After that, you’ll need to evaluate the manufacturers available and work with the ones that can help you attain these goals. 

In this article, you’ll learn all that you need to know about manufacturing partners, including what a manufacturing partner is and the things to consider when choosing a manufacturing partner. 

What Is A Manufacturer Partner? 

A manufacturer partner is any person or business that converts raw materials to finished goods. The finished goods are sold to retailers, wholesalers, distributors, or directly to consumers. 

In some cases, a manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of highly specific product categories. For instance, leading manufacturers like Cactus Juice Bottling and other similar companies specialize in custom plastic bottle manufacturing. This means that if your business deals with more than one type of product, you’ll have to partner with more than one manufacturer, each one providing specific products. 

What Are The Things To Consider When Selecting A Manufacturing Partner?

There are many things you need to consider when selecting a manufacturing partner.  Some of these factors are discussed below: 

  1. Capabilities

The capability of a manufacturing partner might seem like an obvious consideration, but most there are businesses that fail to check on it. Capability goes hand in hand with the experience of the manufacturer. 

There are many things you need to consider when it comes to the capability of your manufacturer.  For instance, you need to ensure that your manufacturer can produce goods according to your preferred design and specifications. This ensures that you obtain the products that represent your business and communicate to the customers what makes your brand unique.

Also, it would be helpful if your manufacturer is capable of doing the necessary inspection of your products as required by your industry’s policies and regulations. 

  1. Location

Location is another important factor that you need to consider when looking for your manufacturing partner. Some manufacturing firms might be too far from you. This might add unnecessary import or transport costs, especially when the manufacturer doesn’t provide free delivery services.

Apart from transportation costs, there are other reasons you need to choose a manufacturer that’s near you. This makes it easier for you to visit and evaluate their facilities before you sign a contract with them.

Also, meeting face to face with your manufacturing partner helps build confidence and trust, which translates into a strong working relationship.  

  1. Resources And Production Facilities

In any manufacturing process, the resources available to the company significantly affect the quality and efficiency of the production. So, when you meet your manufacturing partner, take the time to find out what resources and equipment they use. 

Ask yourself questions like the following: Is the manufacturer using modern equipment and the latest technology to produce items that meet your business needs? Can they produce large volumes of products without compromising their quality? If you get positive answers to such questions, that manufacturer might be the best fit for you. 

  1. Turnaround Times

Turnaround time is another important metric you can use to determine the right manufacturing partner for your business. It’s the time between the day you make your order and the day you receive your order.

 A good turnaround time ensures that you avoid running out of stock. So, go for a manufacturer that can agree to produce and deliver products as soon as you need them. 

  1. Price

Price is another consideration you need to put in mind when selecting a manufacturer. Go for a manufacturing partner that’ll offer products that provide value for your money. 

While most businesses tend to go for the cheapest manufacturer, low prices don’t always represent the best value for money. For instance, if you purchase low-quality products, you might incur extra costs trying to improve the item post-production or incur transport costs when returning them to the manufacturer. In the process, you might lose valuable customers. 

On the other hand, high price doesn’t necessarily equate to high quality. You might pay high prices for substandard products, which might also harm your business. 

  1. Credibility

Credibility is the last item you must consider before you sign a deal with any manufacturing partner. It’s an umbrella that covers all the other factors.  You can check the credibility of an online manufacturing firm by reading other customers’ reviews and feedback about your manufacturer. This will help you know whether they’re a reputable and trustworthy business or not.

For offline or local manufacturers, you can search in the Better Business Bureau website to check their standing.  You’ll also know whether there’s any complaint that has been raised against your preferred manufacturer by other businesses. 


Running a successful business involves many things; primary among these is providing high-quality products. To provide products that will meet your customers’ needs and standards, you need to work with a good manufacturer. Following the above tips will ensure that you get the right manufacturer that’ll help you achieve your business objectives.

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