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6 Ways To Identify The Video Type That’s Right For Your Brand

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing, Tech on 12th December 2019

Launching a successful brand is perhaps the most difficult thing you can do in the business industry today. In most cases, when you think you have a creative brand in place, there is already one just like it or similar to it. Similarities are detrimental to the success of a brand as it takes uniqueness above everything else to stand out. All of these factors are apart from the planning, testing, and remodeling that the brand structure process requires. It wasn’t like this in the past. Businesses in the traditional business industry could get away with similarities as there was no social media and digital marketing strategies to spread brand awareness. Today, those factors put a halt to any progress you make once there is even a small similarity. Overall, the reason it’s important to highlight the realities of building a brand is that it shows what to avoid to be successful.

Especially in today’s online-first industry, creating a brand is essentially limited by the mind of the brand creators. In other words, the business determines its limits in this process. A great example of this can be seen in video marketing for brand building. Video marketing is arguably the most effective strategy to use with a brand in that it can be structured to spread like wildfire. However, there seems to be one major hurdle with this strategy that slows progress down for many businesses. Surprisingly, the hurdle is that there are various video types to choose from to create or boost a brand. The reason this is important is that choosing the wrong video type can be more hurtful to a brand than not choosing one at all. Nonetheless, rest assured knowing that this process can be boiled down a few simple strategies to make the right choice. With this in mind, let’s go over six ways to identify the video type that is right for your brand.

#1: Factor In Your Business Niche

The obvious first step in identifying the video type that best fits your business is factoring in your niche. Doing so gives you direction in which way to go with your video. It can directly determine how the video looks, what the video script will say, and other similar factors.

#2: Know The “Language” Of Your Audience

After factoring in your business niche, the next step is to determine what “language” your target audience speaks. This is a bit of a technical factor so let’s break it down. For the most part, the “language your audience speaks is in regards to knowing what keywords they use and the steps they take to search for your brand. As we can imagine, these are usually specific factors that will give you precise information that can be included to choose the best video type.

#3: Factor In Market Demographics

Another specific factor that can help identify the best video type for your brand is market demographics. Much like factoring in your business niche, factoring in your market demographics will give you an idea as to where to take your video. For example, if your brand has more men in its demographics, creating a video that best fits their needs will improve the success rate of your video.

#4: Determine What The Goal Of The Video Will Be

When it comes to implementing video marketing for your brand, you can’t create choose a video type without having a goal first. Having a goal in place will allow your brand to determine what it can get away with in terms of what content can go on your video to meet the goal. Worth mentioning, working with a proven video marketing solution such as Goliath Productions Video Production can help make this process easier.

#5: Set A Budget Range For Your Video Production

The budget is a somewhat overlooked factor that plays a bigger role in video marketing than people realize. Above everything else, setting a budget range for your video production will set the overall quality of your video. Quite obviously, the higher the budget range, the more high-quality production tools you can play with to choose a video type for your brand.

#6: Test Different Video Types

Last but not least, a simple but important way to identify the best video type is to test them all out. While it might seem like a waste of time at first, choosing a type through the trial and error method gives you the most accurate answer to what your brand needs.

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