7 Best remote jobs for 2020

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 21st April 2020

Work from home or work from the office. What do you prefer? Of Course “Work From Home”. Remote working will make employees healthy and happy.

Work from home has a variety of terms such as telecommuting, remote jobe, virtual job and more. A remote job is done away from the organization. The remote location can be home, park or any comfort place.

Thanks to the internet!!!

Remote working has increased with the rapid growth of the internet. Many employees dream to work from home. Because working from home has several advantages such as – zero commuting, custom environment, flexible schedule, more productivity, decreased stress, no interruptions, and more.

While remote working may not be suitable for every business. According to analysis, remote jobs have taken the large amount of share in the current market. There is no doubt that remote jobs are playing a significant role. These days remote jobs are in higher demand than before. It’s no secret, the best remote jobs demand for technical experience. But if you don’t have a technical background, don’t worry. There are massive other opportunities available. Let’s consider, if you’ve good experience in accounting, there is a great chance to get remote accounting jobs.

Let’s dive into the topic!!!

Following are the popular remote jobs for 2020

Software developer

Do you’ve enough coding skills? Have knowledge on system architecture? Yes!!! You’re lucky enough to find a remote job in less time. There are a massive range of remote jobs available for developers. Also, companies are paying good salaries. Building an effective software is the best remote career that every developer can pursue. All you need to have is a laptop and a few software. You don’t need to have a technical educational background to get this job. As many software developers and designers are self-taught and self -motivated. Also, there are excellent online courses available online to help you out. Study from scratch and become an expert.

Have great knowledge on blockchain technology? Yes!!! Good news for you. There are few incredible remote cryptocurrency jobs for you. Web developers can find other related jobs such as troubleshooting and application development. These companies will pay in the form of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum.

Graphic designer

An effective graphic design is required in every aspect – website, blog, social media, etc. Being a graphic designer has several benefits such as earning a stable income, improving problem-solving skills, expressing imagination, improving social skills, etc. The demand for graphic designers is increasing everyday.  There are plenty of graphic designers remote jobs available online.

You can use different graphic designing tools according to clients requirements. Download the attractive images and create unique images offline. Scan the images once you’ve finished editing. Many graphic designers are earning thousands of dollars just by creating logos. If you’ve good knowledge on marketing and designing, you can gain access to several opportunities.

Digital marketing

No matter whether you’ve designed an excellent product or service what is the point when nobody knows it. The entrepreneur will be at risk when the audience doesn’t find their product or services. Digital marketing comes to rescue. A digital marketer is responsible to optimize the website according to SEO guidelines, promote company products across social profiles, run advertisements for better reach and other approaches.

The scope of digital marketing is raising day-by-day. Embark your professional career with digital marketing. Digital marketing is the right remote job for the one who doesn’t have a technical background and is looking for a bright future. Infact, digital marketing doesn’t require coding or web designing experience.

Content writing and copywriting

Do you write engaging and quality content? Yes!!! There are plenty of remote jobs available for you. All you need to write a fresh content on a word document. As a content writer you’re responsible for writing content for small blogs to longer articles. Also, few companies demand to write film scripts and white paper. If you’re a proofreader there are few companies up for you. Start proofreading their content and earn money.

Content is KING. Content plays a vital role in every aspect of business. Companies are looking for curated content writers to develop their content on their websites, blogs and social media. Creating quality content can create brand awareness, earn quality backlinks, maximum shares, improves retention, etc. Create an outstanding content and built relationship with your customers, Clear and curated content marketing strategies are what businesses look for. Develop your content writing skills and get a chance to make money while sitting at home.

Customer support

Customer support is the heart of the organization. Providing excellent customer service to customers will make them feel happy and valued. Have good communication skills? If your answer is YES. Customer support is the best remote job for you.

A customer executive can get connected to customers through phone, email or live chat. There are few customers who request a demo of the product or service. Sending the “How-to-Use” video through email can help the customer. Few customers may have a query during the transaction, get connected through live chat and help them during the payment process. These queries can be done while sitting at home. All you require is a PC or laptop and good internet connection. This is the best remote job if you’ve great knowledge of the retail industry. Make sure you’re polite and efficient while providing service to the customer.

Human resources

Want to shape your career path? Human resources can be the right path for you.

As the number of businesses growing day-by-day the demand for HR is also increasing rapidly in this remote world. If you’ve done your masters in human resource and have an ability to manage remote teams, there are plenty of remote human resources opportunities available in the market. All you need to maintain and handle recruiting, training and managing the team operations. Human resources team will work closely with many professionals in the organization. Every day will be interesting for you. One day you’ll be working on shortlisting the candidates and another day you’ll be working on generating payslip for employees.

Small and large organizations have opened their doors to remote workers. This is the perfect time to knock the door as a HR.

UI/UX designer

User experience and user interface are playing crucial roles and in demand. If you’re an expert in UI/UX designing, there are few remote jobs available for you. These companies are paying good salaries for UI/UX designers. If you don’t have enough skills to become a UI/UX designer, don’t worry. Follow the below steps

  • Step up your skills with UX research
  • Learn how to design and manage the project
  • Gain knowledge on prototyping
  • Know about analytics
  • Have good communication skills
  • Learn everyday

There are few UI/UX designing courses available online. Learn about mobile apps, responsive web pages and live projects. Create an interactive designing web page.

In a nutshell

A remote job is defined as the specific role (software developer, UI/UX designer, software tester or content writer) can perform their everyday task from a specific location other than the office. Remote jobs have several advantages such as flexible schedules, no destruction, work-life balance, improved productivity and more. There is a wider range of work from home opportunities than people know. The above mentioned are the best remote jobs for 2020. Check these job roles and earn a solid income.

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