7 Ways To Earn Money With Instagram

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing, Tips on 15th June 2022

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When you open Instagram and start browsing through your feed, you’ll notice that two out of every five users are promoting a brand. 

Instagram influencers are people who have been pushing and marketing a specific product for a period of time, and the influencer industry has increased in recent years. 

The size of this market is growing rapidly, as is the competition. Influencers are also known as digital creators because they provide material for various digital platforms. 

As social media platforms have nearly taken over the world, the chances for these digital creators have risen dramatically.

These producers concentrate on reaching out to their audiences with creative material on social media sites such as Instagram.

The most basic criteria for becoming an Instagram influencer is to have a certain amount of followers on your account. The current criterion for influencers is having 10,000 followers on their page, which is only getting started.

Many Instagram features, including the swipe-up function on their stories, are unlocked with this number.

Instagram influencers, in a sense, have a lot on their plates. If you want to be an influencer, you should first create some amazing content.

Attract and interact with your target audience such that they actively share and like your content. Brands will definitely approach you if you have a strong digital presence and can match the brand’s objectives.

Let us dig into a few ways to earn money with Instagram and establish it as a profession:

  1. Brand Partnerships

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You may collaborate with businesses as content developers to advertise their businesses and offerings. Instagram has imposed several rules on promoted material that you must adhere to. Drugs and firearms are not permitted to be promoted by creators.

The typical income you make from promotional content is often calculated using your current audience level and engagement metrics. 

Both Instagram’s guidelines and the current ASCI standards require you to declare paid collaborations. We suggest reading Instagram’s complete list of scenarios to determine what counts as a promotional or promoted collaboration.

  1. Promote Affiliate Links

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Affiliate marketing enables you to make money by advertising the goods and solutions of other firms. As a content creator, you might collaborate with businesses or affiliate marketing systems to advertise different goods and solutions that are appropriate to your target market.

You may offer affiliate links to your viewers through your profile description, captions, videos, and posts. 

On each purchase, content creators can anticipate receiving 5-15 percent profit. If you’re not sure what affiliate marketing programs in India would work best for your network, digital uncovered has compiled a complete list that you can check out to learn more.

Numerous content creators here may say that affiliate marketing is one of their best ways to generate income on Instagram.

Being an affiliate marketer is similar to sponsored articles, but the difference is that the influencer can sell the goods themselves. The influencer and the brand agree on a specific price for the commission. The influencer’s commission might increase as more products are sold by them.  

  1. Set up an Instagram Shop

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If you’ve got to offer merch or any other product that you wish to offer, you can do so by establishing an Instagram shop. This makes it necessary to generate content for a business account and a product catalogue. 

After your item catalogue is complete, you may advertise it by getting all the materials shoppable. Instagram allows you to tag items on the Instagram platform. You may also divide items into groups.

Instagram additionally offers detailed information on the effectiveness of your business. Instagram Shopping is presently just accessible to corporate clients in India. 

If you own your business site, you may also market your business with Instagram ads. Shopping would remain to be among the top ways to earn money on Instagram.

  1. License Content

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You may license your images and films to your chosen businesses as an influencer. In case a brand wishes to reuse your photos or videos, they must give you a price to do so.

However, this is plainly a rather tricky issue, and Instagram’s latest policy revisions simply confuse matters significantly. 

According to the network’s conditions, they offer a completely funded and convertible, sub-licensable, global license to utilize the user’s material. 

Other than the fact that it is not a unique license, this implies Instagram owns all the permissions from the source content creator.

When you publish your content as creative commons, it permits others to utilize it with acknowledgement. There are various sorts of licenses available that govern how the pictures or videos can be reused.

  1. Sponsored Content

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Brands typically work with Instagrammers to advertise their goods and offerings; however, with the exception of corporate alliances, such agreements are primarily economic in origin. 

As an influencer, you would be intended to boost a picture or video in order to raise exposure for the brand with which you are collaborating.

In contrast to brand alliances, such transactions are typically handled by advertising firms that engage with the companies. As previously stated, the typical income per post is defined by the value of connections and interaction level.

These are the most prevalent types of material that influencers share on their profiles. In these sponsored postings, a brand uses an influencer as a channel to reach an untapped audience.

Typically, marketers offer their merchandise to the artist and ask him or her to utilize the product in any images they intend to post. The audience engaging with that particular influencer learns about the product and is motivated to utilize it as a result of this.

  1. Consultant

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As a content creator, you may assist fellow content creators to increase their followers by conveying your experience and insight. 

These consultants are constantly needed by companies, startups, and people trying to enhance their digital image on the platform.

You may ask for $20 to $45 for each session as a consultant on Instagram; more skilled Instagram Consultants typically charge $50 to $90 per hour. 

As the site rises in popularity, there would be greater demand for advisors, as most producers are unsure of how to earn a good income through Instagram in India.

You can also initially consider buying followers on Instagram to increase your reach.

  1. IGTV Ads

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IGTV has evolved into a strong tool for connecting with your audience. Creators may make revenue for the material they create by using IGTV advertising. 

When you monetize your Instagram content, you give marketers the ability to advertise themselves in the posts you upload. The frequency of plays your clip receives, known as Monetizable Plays, will decide what amount you make.

You would likely receive 55% of the ad revenue produced for every watch which is payable monthly. Reports could contain additional revenue statistics after ads are allowed.


To become qualified for revenue as an influencer on Instagram, you need to follow the product’s content revenue guidelines. If you aren’t very clear about the regulations, we recommend going through them very nicely and entirely before starting. 

Lastly, what amount of money you may generate by being an Instagram content creator is entirely contingent on how effectively you connect with your followers. The ways listed in the posts are a few good ways to begin earning with Instagram. 

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