8 Ways to Enhance Mobile App User Experience

by Josh Biggs in Mobile on 25th August 2019

As the competition in the mobile market is increasing, users are becoming more selective. They are not solely looking for mobile applications offering the solutions they want. Rather, they are turning towards mobility solutions that are delivering highly-engaging user experience.

In such a scenario, if you are someone entering the mobile industry, it is profitable for you to have a clear understanding of what UX elements to introduce in your application – something that we will talk about in this article.

So, here we begin.

  1. Revamp Registration Process

No one likes to spend their time in filling a long and cumbersome registration form. So, avoid adding such registration forms into your application. Rather, look ahead to introduce simple and concise registration forms. Or better, provide the users with an option of social media login.

This will not solely enhance the user experience, but also increase the user acquisition and retention rate.


2.Filter and Sort Option

Adding filter and sort options to your mobile application is another effective way to deliver effective user experience. These elements reduces the time and effort required in finding a particular product/service and hence, gives a better feel to your target audience.


3. Gamify Your App

Gamification, i.e., the technique to gamify your app elements is also an exciting way to enhance the user experience. This technique prompt users to spend more time on your mobility platform and make a purchase.

So, look ahead to fostering app user engagement with Gamification.

4.Finger-friendly tap targets

Since most of the smartphones are touch-screen, various mobile app developers are designing finger-friendly applications these days. However, not all are focusing on maintaining a regular difference between two possible finger taps, which is eventually affecting the user experience.

So, if you are investing your efforts into mobile application development, look forward to introducing a particular gap between users.


5.Higher loading Speed

Most of the users exit a mobile app platform due to slower speed. They often neglect the availability of right products/solutions on the app platform over compromising at the speed factor. In such a scenario, making the right effort and time into improving the speed of your mobile application is also an effective way to deliver impressive user experience.


6. De-scarify App Permissions


It’s true that most of the mobile apps ask for permission to access contacts, camera, and other native device feature for delivering high-end experience to the target audience. However, not every user is sure about it.

So, in this scenario, describing users about what the particular app permission is about is also an impressive way to deliver impressive user experience.


7.Make Use of White Spaces

Often overlooked, white spaces also play a significant role in improving user experience. The white spaces, as per the top mobile app design company, make your app look simple and delightful by adding some space between different elements and cutting out the clutter, and eventually increases the app experience.


8.Seamless Authentication

With an increase in data breaches, users are getting more conscious about their data security and privacy. They are looking forward to using mobility solutions that deliver highly secure experience.

In such a scenario, investing your efforts and time into integrating the best authentication methods into your mobile application is also a profitable decision.


9.Feedback System

Above all, introducing a feedback mechanism in your mobile app is also helpful in delivering effective user experience. This feature enables users to share their views and concerns with businesses quickly and effectively, which eventually increases the chances of delivering exceptional experience to the target user base.

While the aforementioned were some of the proven ways to enhance your mobile app user experience, there are various other ways to engage a wider audience. To know about them, discuss your app design idea with a reputed mobile app design company or someone who has already launched his application in the market successfully.

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