8 Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Attract Your Dream Employer

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 2nd December 2020

Whether you are actively searching for a job or offering your services to your prospects, you need to make your LinkedIn profile standout.

LinkedIn has the largest network of professionals in the world. In the sea of 600 million users worldwide, you need to have a profile that’s on-point for you to advance your career. Your LinkedIn profile is the key to get your name and face noticed by hundreds of prospective employers in your industry. And who knows, your dream employer is already stalking you!

Having a LinkedIn profile with a nice headshot is not enough to draw attention. You have to connect with the right people who you see a possible collaboration with and someone who can help you boost your career.

Here are 8 simple way to make your LinkedIn profile stand out:

1. Put a face to your name

You are an amazing person online. You are a pretty good marketing officer, you are smart and creative, you have clearly written that on your LinkedIn profile. But none of that matters if people will not see your beautiful face. 

Add a headshot to your profile because this will help people feel what is their first impression of you. LinkedIn profiles without profile photos are usually ignored.

2. Create a relevant headline to the industry you want to get into

The headline is the first thing that people will see on your LinkedIn profile. Your current position can be your headline as a default but you can edit that to a more relevant and catchy one. 

For example, you are in the finance industry, instead of saying you are just an ordinary loan officer, you can write something like, “A loan specialist bridging the financial gap to small businesses in Singapore.” In this way, you have specified what your skills are and what you can offer them.

3. Elaborate more on what you can bring to the table through your summary

In LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to craft an interesting summary by telling your story, and what you can do to help someone’s business. 

Don’t just share your past work experiences, but focus more on your skills that can really be an asset to your prospective employer. This part is crucial. You only have 2000 characters to work with so use strong keywords that are relevant to your industry.

4. Make your profile shine by highlighting your experiences

It’s tempting to copy and paste what’s on your CV, but please don’t do that. You know you can do better than that! You are dealing with people who have 8 seconds of attention span and you have a small window to capture their attention. 

Focus on the skills you gained in your past experiences. Use 2 to 5 bullet points to highlight what you have accomplished in each job. Use strong action words like “managed”, “developed”, “demonstrated” to emphasize what you have contributed to the companies you have worked with.

5. Add visuals to your profile

You can jazz up your LinkedIn profile by adding a cover photo. You can design your own cover photo by using a free graphic designing tool like Canva and upload it to your LinkedIn profile. 

Pick an image that speaks to your profession and is relevant to your industry. You can also connect your YouTube videos, if you have any or create an infographic. These strategies can make your page stand out and attract the attention of prospective employers.

6. Start making connections to people who can be helpful to your career

After you invigorate your profile, it’s time to make new connections! Having a lot of connections helps you to be easily found by people. It is suggested that you connect with people in the same industry as yours especially those who are in top management who are mostly decision-makers.

Just bear in mind that if you’re not careful enough, you can have your account suspended, especially if you’re sending spammy and low-quality messages that no one is going to respond to. Learning how to reach out to someone on LinkedIn is essential if you want to make the best of your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

7. Ask for recommendations as social proof

Now this part right here is important. Recall the people you have worked with such as your former managers and colleagues who you have developed a great professional relationship with in the past and ask for a recommendation or a testimonial. This can boost your credibility as a professional in your field and make future employers see that you are a joy to work with.

8. Upload relevant content

Keep your account active by posting content on your LinkedIn profile. Create blog posts about anything relevant to your industry or something that can provide value to the people in your niche. Join groups and share knowledge and keep your profile active by engaging with other LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn can be beneficial if you want to advance your career. Take advantage of this professional platform by creating an optimized profile, selling your skills and validating your experiences through recommendations. We hope that you will be able to use these tips to help you build an amazing Linkedin profile.

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