9 benefits of custom software

by Josh Biggs in Software on 13th September 2019

There’s a lot of software available that’s instantly ready to use. However, you might have more individualized needs that can’t be so neatly and easily met with software that’s more one-size-fits-all. If custom software isn’t something you have given much thought to, take a moment to consider the following benefits that are discussed below regarding going with software applications created with individual client needs in mind.

1. Adaptability

Even the smallest business is going to have different needs over time. Custom-created software is highly adaptable in that it can meet current and future needs. What’s more, different programs can be installed and run to efficiently handle an assortment of essential tasks in a way that allows more time to be focused on other aspects of business operations.

2. Immediate Problem Resolutions

With software purchased through a vendor, there may be hidden problems that only become known once the software is installed and is being used. While software issues detected later may be resolved, the entire process can be time-consuming and frustrating. But with custom-created software, problems can be detected and corrected as the software is developed and tested.

3. No Meaningless Features

Off-the-shelf software is designed to perform common functions. The problem with this is that you may end up paying for software that performs some tasks not applicable to your business. Tailor-made software, on the other hand, is created with unique client needs in mind. Therefore, nothing included in the software is “useless” for the business it’s being created for.

4. Increased Safety and Security

Standard software does present some risks since hackers are more likely to be able to find common patterns and entry points. With custom software, however, extra security features can be incorporated into the design. Custom applications, in general, also tend to have fewer issues with hacking, which means you can enjoy added peace of mind!

5. Excellent for Larger Businesses, too!

Personalized software isn’t just for small or mid-sized businesses. It can be just as useful for bigger enterprises with many different tasks that need to be completed in a timely and efficient manner. From inventory and customer management to content and human resources management, there are many tasks customized software can handle for bigger businesses. It can also be integrated across key systems to enable smooth data recovery for big data analytics and similar processes. Entire content management systems (CMS) can be customized as well.

6. Long-Term Savings Opportunities

Yes, custom-created software is an investment. But there are appealing long-term savings perks to consider before you assume tailor-made software is too pricey. Sure, off-the-shelf software has a lower price tag. But customized software can provide long-term savings in the following ways.

• It’s fully optimized to meet very specific business needs.
• There are fewer risks of data breaches occurring, which can be costly for any business and devastating for smaller ones.
• There’s no need to pay for unnecessary features.
• Customized software can be prepared in a way that allows for seamless integration with existing applications. This can curb costs by eliminating the need to invest in compatible software.
• There are no license fees to deal with when custom-created software is made exclusively for one client.

7. Maximum Scalability

Custom-made applications are designed with long-term use in mind. This means software designed with specific business needs in mind can be scaled to meet different or changing application requirements. In other words, the software can grow with your business in a way that’s not always possible with ready-to-use software.

8. Software Access for Everyone

Another benefit associated with customized applications is the ability to distribute the software among multiple business locations without having to deal with additional licensing requirements. This allows the entire organization to benefit from the software. This benefit is especially appealing for any business that has employees working in remote locations away from the main office.

9. Convenient Support Access

With off-the-shelf applications, you’ll likely need to depend on the developer who created the software if there’s an issue. Even if the software company does have a support center, it can be difficult to quickly resolve unexpected issues. Plus, if the developer goes bankrupt or they are no longer available for other reasons, there may be a need to invest in entirely new software to regain access to support.

Additionally, the support team can be accessed throughout the entire development process. There’s also access to support during the initial set-up and integration process. This can be an especially cost-saving benefit for smaller businesses without a permanent IT staff capable of managing such tasks.


Custom-made software can be a smart, long-term investment for any business of any size. Custom applications designed right work efficiently and could even play a role in boosting productivity and streamlining certain operations. Personalized software may even make your business more appealing to new clients and customers!

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