A new and innovative trading website was just launched in the UK

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 28th June 2021

Investing in cryptocurrency in this day and age can be risky considering the scams and how easily people can lose money. The main apprehension when it comes to trading is the safety and security of your investments. However, some options have been created in the crypto market that makes it easy to trade. Exchange platforms and trading websites are part of these solutions.

In the United Kingdom (UK), there are more than 60 exchange platforms to trade in bitcoin and Altcoins. Their importance ranks because of how easy they are to use, trading fees, the currencies they use, how secure they are, and the customer support offered to their clients. Here are some of the best trading websites in the UK and lastly we have a new and improved trading website that has just been launched, and it has quite a reputation.

  1. Coinbase 

This website has been around since June 2012; it is one of the most popular websites trusted with digital currency. Citizens in the UK can access their services and pay using credit/debit cards. It also offers an advanced trading exchange called Coinbase Pro that serves both beginners and advanced users. It enables users to trade in several currencies; they also have the Coinbase Earn, where beginners can learn about cryptocurrencies and how the blockchain operates.

  1. eToro 

It’s a global site that offers financial trading and investments in several trading services like cryptocurrency, Forex, Stocks, Commodities, and ETFs. UK citizens can use this brokering service for all their crypto trading, and it’s efficient and favorable to beginners.

It is user-friendly and supports 94 Cryptocurrency pairs that can be traded against fiat currencies and Altcoins. It offers social trading where users interact with traders on the same platform and learn.

  1. Binance

Binance was formed in 2017 with direct links to Altcoins and provides over 100 pairs of cryptocurrencies across many crypto coins and fiat currencies. At the moment, Binance dominates crypto exchange in the UK, with significant trading volumes in the market. It’s favorable for beginners and advanced traders in the market with trades in more than 50 cryptocurrencies.

  1. BC Bitcoin

It is one of the best and trusted exchanges in the UK and is a professional bitcoin brokerage firm. The firm offers various coins and tokens, and it trades on significant coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. It has excellent customer care services, helps its clients reduce losses, and offers direct bank transactions in the UK. It offers many services, among them mining packages.

  1. Localbitcoins.com

They offer direct transactions amongst people from different countries, with different coins against the local fiat currency, pound. It allows for a direct advertisement to occur where a seller posts coins to sell and a willing buyer offers to buy, and they can meet in person for a person-to-person trade.

The seller places the coins on this wallet, and then the buyer can pay directly using the local currency. The transactions are easy and swift and take less time.

  1. QuickBitcoin

This purchase exchange platform helps UK citizens to buy and sell cryptocurrencies within this jurisdiction. It takes a brief period to verify your account and receive bitcoins.

Many trading websites globally operate in more than ten countries, and they happen to serve the same purposes everywhere, and that becomes a challenge as they are not tailored to be specific. The best option for the trade would be a regionalized trading platform because it is customized to meet specific customized needs. There is a new trading website that just got launched, and it would be a good try. We would recommend you try out: Bitcoin Prime.

This platform offers you an opportunity to trade like a pro because it is fast, simple, and safe to use. In an online platform where people are being met with fake promises on building crypto wealth in weeks and months, this platform offers you the real deal in trade.

There’s a high level of transparency, and their trade methods are not complicated. They offer brokering services as a third party as they are not brokering themselves according to how much an investor wants to invest with as little as $250 and no maximum limits. They customize solutions to meet your specific needs, and overall, they have the best customer service support 24/7.

They have documented their success stories to be confident that you won’t be duped as you trade your coins. This is a website that cares about the outcomes that are profitable and efficient.

Finding the best websites in the UK is a bit simpler than you may think. There are local and international options to pick from. This boils down to your personal preferences and the path you want to pursue in the cryptocurrency market.

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